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August 23.2021






In France, we like to say, “to see a glass half full or half empty”. The glass can represent anything. Its emptiness or fullness is only determined by your perception. Understand: this lockdown and all the “pleasures” that go along with it are our glass, and I think by choosing to see it half full, we make our lives much easier, and here is why…




The power of small things

Choose to pay attention to all the little details you can still choose, like the food you eat, the place you sit, the workout you do, or the path you take to go to the supermarket. I condition myself and my mind to feel comfortable and safe. When things are out of control, it’s essential to focus on what we can manage, no matter how little it might be. Do this exercise: List all the things you can still choose in your daily life, and you will see that despite the curfew and the other limitations, you are still pretty much in control.




My daily spot for working, learning and writing



Being Grateful

Every morning and every evening I repeat to myself all the things I am grateful for, starting from my breakfast, to the last Zoom shooting for VTV3 (and the show “ Nhập Gia Tùy Tục ”). I know it can seem a bit naive and childish at first, but by doing so, you are once again training your mind to be on the positive side. And you read my prose to discover something new right? So keep going.



Learning time

By seeing the positive side of the situation, and by being grateful, you create a better daily experience for you and your close ones. This is not only a time to do all the things you wanted, but it is also a precious moment to (re)discover yourself, (re)define your relationships, priorities, and goals. Just think about it this way: you can finally read all the books you wanted, watch all the Harry Potter movies, and start to think about that long-lost project. During this period I also came across this amazing Facebook group, “The Social ChangeMakers,” which is holding weekly events from cooking classes to mental health workshops. So don’t hesitate to ask for help or simply join a group of people who will inspire you to keep going.




Zoom Shooting for VTV3 at home




Don’t resist just adapt

A few days ago, I came upon this quote from Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, but the most adaptable.” Now more than ever, I find this sentence to be so true because we are living through something unique. For the first time in modern history, the whole planet is facing the same problem. A problem that has changed our way of living. But it also means we can restart or do things differently. Change is scary but we can adapt, so how do you choose to adapt?



The stairs, the roof, and the balcony 

If you have access to at least one of these 3 awesome facilities you have to use it. The stairs have become the basis of my daily workout. The roof is my studio, my getaway, and my tanning area. The balcony became my office where I learn Vietnamese, write and work. So please use the space you have, don’t stick to one location no matter how small it can be.








Feel good about yourself

We all go through lonely periods, especially those who are far away from their families and live here by themselves. That’s why this is also a time of self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-love. Thanks to this “break” in our lives I’ve started becoming more conscious about myself, and also more caring and less judgmental. What about you?



Help the others and help yourself

The main reason I started to like lockdown and wanted to write this article is because of all the kind actions I’ve seen around. The other day I went out and I saw a huge pile of bags full of dragon fruits in front of the building. The security agent gave me one, and I felt so grateful for the person or the organization who decided to distribute this small but meaningful gift. The fruits had a very special taste, one of kindness and support. Also, I am very happy to see more organized projects helping the underprivileged, such as “Việt Nam Ơi Cố Lên”  a community activity that was created on the very first day of the stricter lockdown (09.07) to provide free meals to doctors, nurses, and persons in need. Every day, the association delivers 3000 meals across the city. Every day thousands of kind and supportive acts are made in our Ho Chi Minh and this is great!


And now is the moment I need to apologize because my title was quite misleading. The purpose of my prose was not to make you fall in love with something you and I did not choose. What I tried to do is to change your perspective, to elevate your thoughts, so in the end, you start to see your own glass and decide to fill it.

With love and support,


By Micka


















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