Our Services



 Uniting, Supporting, and Promoting Vietnamese Textile businesses, Fashion and any entities related to textile.










STS Sustainable Textile Solutions, provides a set of online portals and analytical tools for textile SMEs.

Sustainable Textile Solutions helps to: 


Promote internationalization of innovative SMEs within the cluster, facilitating access to international markets  and global value chains through the establishment of technological and commercial partnerships.

Promote legal protection of trademarks and designs.
To disseminate information regarding industrial property issues: aid orders, international regulations on industrial property matters, etc.

To assist companies in their development with the help of a team of experts in all fields. Always with a strong emphasis on sustainability.







To raise awareness of the importance of Vietnamese textiles and sustainable development we organize regularly diverse actions and we contribute to the dynamism of the Textile industry by supporting innovative approaches and support every year’s innovative events, products, or services.

We connect members by providing meeting grounds to strengthen relations and strength internal links and strategic alliances with relevant national and international stakeholders.

We provide members with advice on internationalization and commercial promotion and coordinate commercial activities at the regional level, national, and international levels.

We inform members and guide them through sectoral reports, newsletters, and circulars with specific information on commercial promotions.





Moda Vietnam is a cluster, which aims to bring together all businesses and entities linked to the sector of Textile, Fashion, Home Décor.