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‘MODA exists to build awareness of Textile and Fashion in Vietnam. We educate, encourage, inspire and promote the achievement of excellence.




About MODA

MODA Vietnam is a non-profit cluster that aims to bring together all Vietnamese businesses and entities that are directly involved in the sector of Textile, Fashion, or any businesses related to textiles.



Our common Mission

Equity, Inspiration, respect, sustainability and audacity are the values that guide each of our actions.


We connect members by providing events at meeting grounds to strengthen relations and strategic relevant alliances. 


We encourage the green transition by promoting and following up on companies in the sector that are in the process of innovating. We support innovative approaches, events, products, or services.


We organize events, forums, conferences, and workshops to assist and develop the competencies of  students and professionals.


We increase the members’ international visibility and promote activities that will aid in their internationalization.


We inform members by collecting, analyzing, and distributing relevant data on our magazine and social media.


We promote Vietnamese heritage and propose periodic exhibitions recognizing talents who highlight ancient knowledge and know-how,  to preserve cultural Vietnamese heritage.






Moda Vietnam is a cluster, which aims to bring together all businesses and entities linked to the sector of Textile, Fashion, Home Décor.