Our events are Fairs, workshops, inspiring talks, seminars, exhibitions, networking events from professionals in the Textile & Fashion industry aimed to offer unique insights into the latest trends, offer practical advice as well as discuss key themes within the Textile & Fashion sector.





January 2024                                                              January 2024

Tet Market                                                                   Clothing Drive





November 2023                                                            November 2023

Black Friday Market                                                      Model Call





June 2023                                                                   June 2023

1 day workshop silk painting                                     Botanical Dye Workshop  DYE







June 2023                                                                    June 2023

Workshop How to pose like a model?                       Professional Makeup for Social Media







June 11.2023                                                                May 27.2023

Art & Craft Fair                                                              Runway Fashion Show






Sunday May 7.2023                                                      Saturday February 25.2023

Model Casting Call                                                        ‘Saigon Lifestyle Fair’

Entrance Free

Info Here







Saturday, February 25. 2023                                       Saturday February 25. 2023

Get Crafty at the Jewelry workshop                           Creative Macrame Workshop with

with Loan from LoanKai Paris                                     ‘Cabin’.

Info Here                                                                        Info Here







Saturday, February 25.2023                                       Saturday, February 25.2023

Hand Embroidered Bandana Workshop                    ‘Wines & Textures

with Marine Couturier                                                 Bettane + Dessauve

Info Here                                                                          Info Here






Moda Vietnam is a cluster, which aims to bring together all businesses and entities linked to the sector of Textile, Fashion, Home Décor.