Embracing Cultural Heritage: Vietnamese Youth’s Fondness for Ethnic Attire

March 20.2024



Queen Nam Phuong – The last Queen of Vietnam wore Nhat Binh during her visit to the Vatican in 1939.


In today’s globalized world, where fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, there is a notable resurgence in the youth’s preference for traditional ethnic clothing. Instead of following trendy fashion, many young people are appreciating their cultural heritage through costumes such as Ao Dai, Nhat Binh, Tu Than… which reflect the cultural and historical wealth of the nation.



Hundreds of young people excitedly participated in the Vietnamese Costume Festival “Toc Xanh – Vat Ao”.


From simple white Ao Dai in schools to elaborately embroidered Nhat Binh sets, the traditional costumes hold a special allure. They not only serve as a fashion statement but also as a means of connecting with one’s roots and preserving cultural identity.



Vietnamese youth like to wear Nhat Binh and Ao Tac to take wedding photos.


This shift towards embracing ethnic attire signifies a desire for authenticity and a celebration of diversity among today’s youth. By proudly wearing traditional clothing, they pay homage to their ancestors and history while simultaneously making a bold statement about cultural pride and individuality.











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