Get extra beach benefits with the antioxidant-infused swimsuits Vanessa Sposi

January 15.2023


The French swimwear brand Vanessa Sposi has achieved the feat of designing models that balance the skin microbiota and protect the oceans at the same time.






Designed in Paris, woven in Italy, then made in Portugal, Vanessa Sposi swimsuits immediately seduced us with their sensual and graphic lines, and their poetic and solar colors. They are also made from recycled Econyl yarns, which comes from plastic waste collected in the oceans.






But beyond a perfect fit that sharpens the silhouette, each model has a lining integrated with precious natural antioxidants. Some include Aloe Vera, a plant renowned in Ayurvedic medicine for uplifting the mind, healing the body, and being a great source of polyphenols, while others feature vitamin E, capable of boosting collagen production and soothing skin overheated by the sun. The active microcapsules have been melded into the yarn during spinning, to be fixed all around the nylon fibers, and thus released to the surface of the skin via body heat.








Vanessa Sposi’s swimming costume gives a soothed, perfectly hydrated skin that does not suffer from free radicals generated by solar radiation. The Vanessa Sposi brand is also part of the 1% For The Planet movement and donates 1% of its turnover to approved associations that support biodiversity and the conservation of the oceans.


Photo Courtesy Vanessa Sposi









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