Yoga Pod Brings Serenity to Saigon


January 13.2020


Hidden down a lush walkway, it may take a few minutes to find Yoga Pod on your first visit. Don’t fear, however; as you take in the peace and quiet of the winding path through the garden, you’re quickly transported far away from the hustle of the city. Yoga Pod, in District 2’s Thao Dien, is a purpose-driven studio offering a minimalist design in a tranquil setting, a wide variety of classes suited to all levels, and, most importantly, a welcoming environment.







The studio’s founder, Hillary Le, got Yoga Pod up and running after returning to Saigon from a stint in Singapore. Her vision centers not only on Yoga’s burgeoning popularity but also the need for a practice that uses that natural environment and, furthermore, an air of serenity to set the stage for meaningful classes. At first, Hillary recounts, “I was a little nervous people would be put off by needing to park then walk through the garden to find us. But we quickly found out it was actually something guests really enjoyed, and serves as an extension of the experience—a few extra moments to reflect and get in the right mindset among nature”.







And with its location in the heart of District 2, central but secluded, Yoga Pod provides a way to accommodate an increasingly international community who may be new to the city and hoping to keep up their practice. It also gives a positive first impression of yoga to those new to the activity, especially the domestic Vietnamese audience. On choosing Saigon and deciding upon the perfect location for Yoga pod, Hillary also notes, “I knew that there was a demand for a calm, nature-focused yoga practice, but Saigon is also a city where people are curious to try new things, so I couldn’t think of a better place for it. And with our space being in the garden, we hope to show that, in addition to being a way to stay fit and active, yoga is also about mindfulness and finding your own sense of calm.”







As there is no one-size-fits-all regimen when it comes to yoga, Yoga Pod puts a special emphasis on accommodating all backgrounds and preferences. From beginner to advanced, the natural-light filled studios offer something for everyone. Instructors bring their unique styles to classes like Vinyasa and Hatha, and the studio has also begun offering sound meditation courses. Classes run from early in the morning and go on throughout the day in order to make sure that, no matter your schedule, there can still be time for yoga.


To learn more about Yoga Pod and see their class schedule, visit their website HERE  or Facebook page Yogapodsaigon







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