October 23,2019


Writing workshops are growing in success in the world and today Vietnam is no exception. Concretely it consists of a small group gathering once a week or a month for a few hours to learn to write. For Sarah Hang Ducos, a french teacher at Ho Chi Minh City’s International French School Marguerite Duras, who runs writing workshops at the French Library, the idea is to offer to everybody, through writing, a moment to discover their creative potential in a benevolent setting, by alternating individual writing time with share time.








We go there to find our voice!

To learn to express themselves better, to testify a story, for an unfulfilled passion, or to find the right word in the company of other uninitiated, the reasons generally invoked by the disciples are not lacking. In a writing workshop, everyone is housed in the same boat. Some come after years of solitary writing, to look for a place, a time, a framing because it is difficult alone at home. Others are seeking recipes to finally give birth to a text.








Writing workshops – A therapy?

What do we find in these workshops? A simple moment of literature? Is it just to talk about ourselves? Or put in words this stranger world who lives in us? The workshops leaders generally agree that in a writing workshop when people write about themselves, they talk about another character and to do that disinhibits and frees them. Then working in a group allows to discover the others and for some people in difficulty, it is a window on the world. The writing workshop triggers something indirectly. It is a kind of stepping stone, but nothing to do with therapy, although it can help a little bit to live.




Take your pen and run to a writing workshop because writing is above all fun on all floors. It’s fun for oneself, and for others, when everybody becomes alternatively writers, listeners or readers, as to share in this area is a keyword. Whether you are a neophyte or an initiate the writing workshops is a space of freedom, listening, a self-discovery or a way to discover the world, and remains a great imaginary or internal adventure.


Next sessions at the French Library in Ho Chi Minh City: Saturday, November 2, November 16 and December 7, 2019 (3 pm-5 pm). Info HERE.

Workshop in French language.





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