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April 15.2021


Following the outstanding success of the Vinfast Global Showroom Design Competition, Design Association Ho Chi Minh City (VDAS) officially announced the award system “VMARK Vietnam Design Awards | Concept 2021 ” to diversify the playground for graphic designers, advertising brands, multimedia, to evoke unique creative thinking ideas, and to breakthrough all current trails to create a modern and smart, green future.


Kick-off for the chain of events will be the contest “VinFast Future Blue Graphic Design Contest 2021” in the category of Branding & Graphic Design awards by VMARK Vietnam Design Awards | Concept 2021 and carries the spirit of “Break your limits – ……” with the sponsorship of the famous car brand VinFast. In 2021, the award system will launch other attractive contests by categories such as Industrial Design | Fashion & Lifestyle Design | Communication Art | Multimedia | UI-UX Design …







The contest “VinFast Future Blue Graphic Design Contest 2021” was created by VMARK with two categories:

Digital Background Design

Creative Merchandise Design


Digital Background Design aims to diversify digital background images for the VinFast electric car line through the creation of design ideas, combining photography to create a unique mark, honoring the modernity of the VinFast electric car line.

Creative Merchandise Design aims to design a brand identity system that will apply to VinFast’s products and demonstrates the brand’s core value. Designers are free to show off their talents and create a unique, impressive identity that will increase competitiveness in the global brand race.

Registration and submission: From April 5th, 2021 to April 30th, 2021

Award announcement: May 12th, 2021

VinFast Inspiring Graphic Design Contest 2021 has a total prize value of more than 200,000,000 VND.

The awards for each category include:

1 First Prize: 1 Klara S electric motorcycle with 2 included batteries (worth 58,200,000 VND)

1 Second Prize: 1 Feliz electric motorcycle (worth 25,000,000 VND)

1 Third prize: 5,000,000 VND







Available in : Vietnamese

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