June 15.2019





It’s clear, the hotter it is in Saigon and the less we want to cover ourselves when we go to sleep. One would be tempted to sleep naked but according to Dr. Neil Stanley, one of the greatest British sleep experts and the author of How to Sleep Well, sleeping naked to feel cooler would be a mistake. This expert, affirms that it is better to wear pajamas in linen, silk or cotton able to absorb the body sweat, in order to feel cooler and sleep better.  He pursues: ‘Sleep is vital to our well-being and should be taken more seriously. It is absolutely essential to mental, physical and even emotional health. Sleep is a matter of balance and homeostasis and is as vital in life as eating and drinking. We must make it an important part of our life’. Other expert advices: If you wear pajamas, sleep without a top sheet, or duvet and if possible sleep on your side to expose a maximum of your body to the air. You can also take a shower before using an anti-mosquito lotion … Bon courage!




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