Why should you go to see ‘Flaw x Cú Chót’ at Thêatre 5B in HCMC

November 26, 2019



‘Flaw x Cú Chót’ is the result of a duet project by two artists: Vo Thuy Tien and Tra Nguyen combining the visual arts and the art of staging.




Vo Thuy Tien                                           Tra Nguyen




The exhibition ‘Flaw’ by Vo Thuy Tien which is the abbreviation of “Fall in love another way” is the continuation of the exhibition “My Marriage” which took place last May at the Factory Contemporary Art Center, describing love in its many facets. While the previous works spoke of suspicion, precariousness and an intimate need for healing, today with Flaw, Vo Thuy Tien adopts a more mocking attitude towards love. In addition to photography, this new series also includes two sculptures that required more than 112 hours of work.






‘Cú Chót’ is Tra Nguyen’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Last Act. This postmodern play examines the fundamental elements of theatrical creation, such as the performance or role of the playwright (in the old sense of the term “a theater creator”). Tea conforms to the original text, proposes a structure in which the characters must define the roles themselves.







The story is compressed into a spatial no man’s land, favoring dark spaces so that viewers can complete the story by themselves rather than receive it ready-made. Chop Chot enlights the contemporary dancer Le Mai Anh as a performer and Trinh Cao Hoa Thanh as a reader.

‘Flaw x Cú Chót’ by artists Vo Thuy Tien and Tra Nguyen will take place on Saturday, November 30 and Sunday December 1, 2019, at 5B Theater, 5B Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. The photo expo is located on the second floor, and the theatrical performance takes place on the 3rd floor.

More information and booking: Flaw x Cú Chót




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