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May 17.2020

During pregnancy, women’s body undergo many changes,  Is most preferable to have a balanced body before going through all those mechanical disruptions, otherwise, these strains , combined  with the growing size of the womb,  might lead to lots of uncomfortable symptoms , like digestive symptoms : constipation, gastric nausea, urinary urges….or mechanical symptoms like lower back pain, short breath, back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, swollen legs, pubic pain, etc. It is also a lot preferable for the baby to grow in a comfortable environment!





Osteopathy during delivery

The delivery process can be eased by having osteopathic treatment. The pelvic bones and their related structures must adapt to important movements during the delivery, any mechanical disorder may result in slowing down or disrupting the process making it a difficult task for the mother. Without tension, the mother’s body is able to adjust more efficiently. A qualified osteopath uses gentle and soft techniques to improve the quality of the delivery.





Osteopathy after delivery

Changes in the body during and after delivery are tremendous.  Epidural, episiotomy, C-section… all create scar tissues that affect the body balance. Osteopathy helps to rebalance and recover fully through gentle gestures and realignments.



Osteopathy for babies




Osteopathy helps to relieve the trauma that may have happened for the baby during birth. The skull has 26 bones and many, many joints between these bones. Contractions and pressure throughout the cervix might compress the baby’s head leading to an overlapping of the skull. The use of forceps or vacuum also might cause unnatural stretching provoking stiff neck and sometimes skull deformation. As some tensions might get release naturally, some others might need the attention of a qualified osteopath.




Check up after birth is necessary to prevent the appearance or to help reduce the following symptoms:

Flat Head

Discomfort while lying on his/her back

Colic or Excessive Crying


Sleep disturbances

Suckling/Feeding difficulties

Breastfeeding position issues/neck stiffness/head turned more often in on specific direction

Motricity troubles (not crawling well, not turning well, dragging a leg, clumsiness, etc).

Constantly sucking

Needs to be held

Planned C-section

Stressful delivery


Or just have a checkup!

Many parents hear through personal recommendation from other parents how fantastic osteopathy for baby is. The treatment, in this case, is simply checking the alignment of the baby.  Pressures during the delivery might have triggered tensions that have left them like in a little ball position, arching stiffly or bending to one side, this can be arranged with osteopathy leavening the baby and the mom very much relieved.

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