Why Patan Patola Saris Are So Expensive?


April 21.2023

Anyone who is passionate about Indian textiles and fashion has heard about the exquisiteness of Patan Patola Saris and wondered why they are so expensive to buy.

Patan Patola Saris are pricey due to their intricate designs, vivid colors, and high quality, among other factors. The silk threads are dyed, spun, and handwoven in a complex process by highly skilled artisans. Depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the sari, it may take months or even years to make a Patan Patola sari. Because each sari is unique and cannot be duplicated, its value and exclusivity are increased. Pure silk, an opulent and pricey fabric, is also used to create Patola saris. The finest silkworms are used to produce the silk, and expensive natural dyes must be used during the dying process.

Here are the basic procedures for making a Patan Patola Sari and why it will cost you a fortune to have one in your dressing.








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