When you have to travel, for pleasure or business, it’s time to get serious about turning your dreams of cheap airfare into a reality. Planning a trip is never easy and Asia isn’t exactly a small place so when we know that flight ticket is the biggest part of the budget when traveling, we are ready to do everything to find a good deal. Companies of Low-cost flight offer now cheap flight ticket but never without concession and the flight can turn sometimes as a nightmare. Let’s find out how we discovered when we flew with AirAsia for the Fashion Week in KL, how the airline strive to open up the world by making good flying affordable for everyone and create an adventure wherever your final destination may be.





Why do we feel so comfortable flying with AirAsia?

Because AirAsia has adopted a model that allows travelers to personalize their experience by choosing the services and the level of comfort they need, instead of requiring everyone to pay high flat fees to cover a wide range of services that does not suit all travelers. Their slogan “Now Everyone can fly”, sums up this desire to democratize qualitative air travel accessible to all.


Why flying with Air Asia is trendy?

AirAsia and the KLFW (Fashion week in KL) organized this year the “Runway Ready Designer Search” (AARRDS), which showcases and celebrates new fashion designers, building this way a platform for merging artists and helping them in a multitude of ways. Air Asia is also partner of The KL Fashion Week (KLFW) founded by Andrew Tan which starts this 8 -12 August 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.





Is Air Asia Legitimately cheap?

Ever since day one, AirAsia has always been on the ball with fantastic promotional prices and using social media to tell the public. When you book in advance or even last minute, AirAsia  offers the most affordable option when travelling in Southeast Asia and if you’re planning to book some cheap flights, it’s worth downloading the app, because it’s there you’ll find the best deals.


They use well-maintained planes

AirAsia has one of the newest fleets in the world. This is a very new and modern fleet compared to almost every airline and they have a good record of maintaining their fleet and training their pilots well. Inside the plane, the cabin is modern and the seats comfortable to give passengers a pleasant flight.


Top customer service with a smile!





At AirAsia, you are always welcome with a genuine smile and you can see that the cabin crew enjoy their job. The crew representant the company well, they are young, fresh, friendly, trendy and enjoy taking care of the passengers. A special thanks to the crew of the flight AK 521 HCMC/ KL for their amiability and kindness!

You can also by your duty-free products inside the plane and no need to read the duty-free magazine, because the crew describes by microphone the best deals and if you are lucky, a stewart can even sing a song for you! For the shopping aficionados, the airline has recently introduced a new service « Pre-book before your flight », to enjoy greater savings and hassle-free shopping. You shop online, you pay online and you collect on board.


Yes the one way ticket is cheap!

Generally, it always cost more to buy a one-way ticket than a round-trip ticket. One of the big advantages of traveling with this company is that you are allowed to buy one way or multiple destination tickets at a very low and fixed price.


Pre-book your meal and save money





To order food and drinks is simple on their flights. You pay, you eat and drink but the wise ones who enjoy their meals, can also pre-ordering meals at better value and be served first. An excellent way to try local dishes at a low price.


With or without luggage?

With AirAsia, you can choose to travel with or without luggage and decide on your weight to go. All passengers are also entitled to 7kg of hand luggage and a small personal item.


Air Asia employ lot’s of female pilots

And we just love when it’s a woman flying the plane!


Coverage of main world airport

In general, “low-cost” companies only cover secondary airports often located far from cities. AirAsia covers major airports in Southeast Asia, Japan, India and Australia and major cities around the world.






Flight in correspondence

To reduce costs, many low-cost airlines do not ensure the transfer of luggage between several connecting flights. AirAsia does it but the service has to be purchased in addition to the flight.


Get inspired with AirAsia!

Not sure about what to visit, the culture, the stay, the food of the country? With its rubric Travel AirAsia inspires you to plan the adventure you deserve. The world is wide and the possibilities are endless!



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