September 5, 2022



Some scientists and airline companies have figured out why people drink so much tomato juice on planes over the years. Even Lufthansa understood why their German passengers preferred tomato juice to a beer while flying.


Scientists agreed after some research that the environment and high decibel sound heightens a person’s taste for Umami or savory foods, while the perception of salty and sweet drops by around 30% and bitter, acidic, and spicy taste does not change much. Tomato juice is described as having an earthy and musty taste under normal pressure, a refreshing taste, and a sweet, fruity smell under low pressure.

Umami flavor is found in meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, soy sauce, parmesan cheese, and apparently also tomatoes. Other scientists, however, believe biological factors can also explain why taste perception changes on an airplane. At high altitudes, the body receives less oxygen to the brain and the senses are slightly dulled. The air pressure may also cause the sinuses to swell, and the smell, which is intrinsically linked to taste, may change. Others may experience a simple reason: For most people, flying means vacation, and any drink tastes better in this context!


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