Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti artists in history. He started his career in the early 1990s using political themes satirically combine with Street art painting. In addition to his work, Banksy is known for his spectacular installation artwork. For more than twenty years, he left his mark in many places of the world, without signing his work, made some exhibitions (not wanted) in Moma and Louvre, without be seen and caught. Nobody knew who Banksy was until today.

To figure this out Scientists at the Queen Mary University of London utilized geographic profiling technology previously used to investigate crime sprees. They published in the Journal of Spatial Science their research and the supposed name of Banksy: Robin Gunningham, confirming the 2008’s Daily Mail’s investigations.

Is this news a cause for concerns about our privacy?  What should we do with Big data and how should we use it? In a world where every information is online, nobody can have a hidden identity anymore.

Today Robin Gunningham and the family in Bristol have denied. What is certain is that nobody except the authorities really want to kow the name of the artist. For this veritable ghost tagger, his anonymity is his true signature and all the twittos wants to keep it that way. After all why not?


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