When fiction meets reality – ‘The Cave’ by Tom Waller

October 8, 2019


In 2018, the rescue of a team of young footballers, the “Wild Boars” and their coaches, surprised by the sudden rise of water in northern Thailand’s caves, has kept at that time, the world  in suspense for weeks. Their ordeal had lasted eighteen days before they were all safely brought back to the surface, after being fitted with diving suits and bottles, driven through galleries flooded helped by lifeguards from several countries.

From this incredible story, Tom Waller the Irish director born in Bangkok has just made the first fiction film about the event ‘The Cave’ which is currently featured at the International Film Festival of Busan (Korea) from October 3rd to 12th.







That drama has already been the subject of books, a documentary and Netflix is working now on a big budget fiction, with the producers of the hit comedy “Crazy Rich Asians”. On the other side, National Geographic will soon present a documentary directed by the team of “Free Solo”, Oscar 2019 for the best documentary.

Tom Waller’s film  is very faithful to the original story in 2018 even ‘if there are a lot of details not mention in the film such as children’s sedation and about the context of rescuers,’ said the director. The main challenge of the film has been to recreate the conditions in which this unprecedented rescue took place, in an extreme humid and dark places. All scenes were shot in natural scenery, in several Thai caves similar to the original ones and four rescuers were also hired to play their own role in the film. The release of ‘The Cave’ is scheduled for November 28, 2019 in Thailand and hopefully very soon on other international markets.






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