When Asian Street Food Inspires Craft Chocolate

December 14. 2022





When Christmas is approaching, chocolate lovers can warm their taste buds by indulging in chocolate. There are taste hierarchies in the world of craft chocolate. At the top are cacao-based bars that are more bitter than sweet, while somewhere below is the opulence of butterfat-enriched milk chocolate. These constructs, however, do not apply to Fossa, an independent chocolate maker based in Singapore. First, they make chocolates and confections in their shop that are truly handcrafted from scratch and then feature an extensive collection of chocolate with surprising products like seaweed, satay, curry, shrimp, and much more.





“We don’t restrict ourselves in the type of base chocolate, whether it’s dark, milk, or blond, and what is most important to us is how we can create flavor. Each bar made using premium, specialty cacao from various direct-trade farms around the world, is designed to highlight fine and rare ingredients. Seasonings can include Pekoe & Imp Chinese teas; seaweed from Tokushima prefecture, in Japan, toasted curry leaves and much more. We use chocolate as a canvas to present these flavors,” said the company’s co-founder Yilina Leong.





Indeed, Satay, Curry, Tomato, Maqaw pepper, Saké, shrimps, and Bonito, as well as floral scents like Chrysanteum, or fruity tastes like Yuko citrus or Sudachi lime, inspire Fossa’s chocolate collection. The satay sauce bar, for example, is 48 percent cacao, technically milk chocolate, and contains peanut praline, cumin, fennel, and other spices. It’s paired with cacao from Tanzania’s Kokoa Kamili fermenter, which has a slight green apple profile and a smooth, creamy texture that balances the toasted, nutty sweetness and faint thrum of woody spices.


To learn more about Fossa Chocolate or place an order.  It’s HERE




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