What is the Hero’s Journey?


September 20, 2019


What is the Hero’s Journey? Are You Fulfilling Your Responsibility to Yourself? 5 tips to Begin Your Hero’s Journey.

First, the Hero’s Journey basically goes something like this:





1 – A call to adventure: Something or someone (eg. a job, a relationship, or a situation) is no longer working for you, so you make the choice to end it and go in a different life direction.


2 – Entering the unknown: You’re in a new career, or newly single, or living in a new city. It’s a different world and you’re out of your comfort zone.


3 – Obstacles and Challenges: This decision doesn’t come without risks. Being out of your comfort zone presents new challenges and difficulties. You may struggle to be happy alone, or have difficulties dealing with a new set of people or circumstances… Continue reading Robert Oleskevich’s article on Hero’s journey Therapy.





Robert Oleskevich, is a licensed psychotherapist, world traveler, and an expat. He lived in over 30 different countries, worked with adolescents, expats, and third culture kids. These days, he provides counseling and therapy to people dealing with the social and emotional challenges of living in Asia, with a focus on expats in HCMC Vietnam.

Know more about Robert on www.herosjourneytherapy.com



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