What customers expect from beverages

October 20. 2022







According to new research, while many people still prioritize immune health, there is a growing consumer demand for functional beverages. Although immune, gut, and heart health remain important concerns, drink demand for beauty and athletic performance is increasing. 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay a premium for food and beverages that provide additional functional benefits. In developing markets such as the Philippines, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom, there is a strong preference for beverages that promote skin and hair beauty. Consumers also have a strong desire for sports performance beverages. Previously, the market for sport performance beverages was limited to athletes. However, as the probiotic drinks market grows, there is now a greater demand for this type of drink among consumers who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


It’s time to get creative

The global functional beverage market is expected to grow at a rate of 10.49 percent per year, making now an ideal time for innovation. The market is expected to be worth nearly $200 billion by 2026. We should expect to see more products on the market in the near future that support top concerns such as immune, digestive, cognitive, joint, and heart health, with science-backed functional ingredients to increase credibility.







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