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Mong Thu Nguyen

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Known for centuries for its gustative and stimulating qualities, coffee is consumed at any time of the day. Despite popular belief, coffee has many properties beneficial to health: it improves memory, concentration, and moods, especially if it is a natural coffee. Mong Thu Nguyen founder of The Coffee Tree tells us everything about the benefits of natural coffee.




To enjoy the benefits of coffee, you still have to respect a few rules tell us Mrs Mong Thu Ngueyn producer of The Coffee Tree an excellent natural coffee in Vietnam. Start by drinking real natural coffee bought in beans or ground, because only a whole coffee, with all the natural ingredients it contains, will have beneficial effects on your health. A study published in a medical journal specializing in Alzheimer’s disease, the Journal of Alzheimer Disease, compared the effect of caffeine alone and the caffeine mixed with other ingredients found in the coffee. Only the whole coffee, with all the natural ingredients it contains, had positive effects on memory.







Caffeine is not a poison and a man easily supports 400 mg per day, except hypersensitivity, which corresponds to 4 cups. A natural coffee has a lot of antioxidants and brings great benefits to our body because these antioxidants protect it from several diseases. For many people, coffee consumption makes it easier for the brain to focus on a job, an analysis, or special studies. Many athletes consume natural coffee regularly to prepare competitions. It’s also a great antidepressant.


Avoid all coffee substitutes: It’s not pure caffeine or coffee extract that makes the effect but the product when it is whole and natural!







Choose a natural coffee: coffee is one of the most sprayed crops of pesticides. Chemical fertilizers or pesticides cause the degradation or modification of the taste of coffee and its health benefits.


Drink your black coffee: avoid cream, sugar, milk in the coffee. Use pure water.


If you use a coffee filter, make sure it is not chlorine bleached. Bright white filters have been chemically treated, and these products will end up in your cup.







Use a good coffee mug, and forget the cardboard cups or worse, plastic. It’s not only nicer but your coffee will taste better. You don’t want your coffee to contain fumes of Bisphenol-A or other plastic products.


Whenever possible, buy coffee grown in forests that have not been deforested. This helps to reduce the destruction of tropical forests and the animals that inhabit them. The taste of this coffee is also considered better by many amateurs.







At The Coffee Tree, we offer 2 types of premium espresso natural coffees: a blend of coffee beans and a ground coffee suitable to espresso machine to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese coffee black or with milk. For our coffee, we chose a medium roast to get a rich aromatic flavor with a hint of bitterness, but also to get a better coffee for the health. Indeed, if your coffee is well roasted, it will bring you a good amount of caffeine without making you sick. We have seen previously that caffeine was good for health.







Then, the aroma is a very important factor at The Coffee Tree, it’s the signature of our coffee. It’s for this reason that we have decided from the beginning to work with farmers who work traditionally and naturally for production and storage. The goal is to avoid pesticides that denature the taste of coffee and harmful to health. Also, when coffee is cultivated naturally, farmers use nature to recreate favorable conditions, and this contributes to biodiversity. Everyone wins, the fauna, the flora, it goes from the insect to the bird, to the consumer, each one is playing a decisive role for it to work.









For Christmas take advantage of promotional offers:

For 1 kg of coffee bought, The Coffee Tree offers you 1 free jar of cookies and if that is not enough you can also get a free Krupp espresso machine for every purchase of 10 kg of coffee per month.








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