RefillMybottle – A real ecological initiative in Vietnam

September 24,2019


Did you know that it takes one plastic bottle up to 1000 years to degrade in a landfill? RefillMyBottle, Vietnam does!





The quantity of marine plastics in waterways is increasing in quantity, year on year. Research shows that marine life ingests plastics coated with pollutants and that these pollutants are absorbed easily into the cells of all living organisms. It was with this knowledge that RefillMybottle began in Bali as a humble community initiative aimed at reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that locals and tourists discarded throughout the year. The idea was a simple one- making all stakeholders responsible for the issue. RefillMybottle believed that both awareness, accountability, and collaboration was the best way to move forward on a long-term road map rather than as a “one-off “event”. Restaurant owners, tour guides, locals, vendors, tourists are all connected as part of the solution as a whole. 






As the idea developed, RefillMyBottle created a map that identified all of the conscious locals and mindful business owners who were ready to take action against plastic waste – be it a cafe, resort, museum or shop – where refillers could walk in with their own reusable water bottle and refill it at any of the stations with clean, drinkable water for a small fee or free. Fast forward to 2019 and in Vietnam alone there are over 200 “Refill Stations” dotted all over the country. 





As with any sustainable initiative today, RefillMyBottle has an easy to use the app. The app is convenient and allows responsible travelers, conscious locals, and mindful business owners to connect instantaneously. The app allows you to find those locations nearby where you can refill your bottle for free, or for a nominal fee. This simple idea allows us all to be responsible for reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles used unnecessarily in Vietnam and at other locations in Asia. The app is free to download so it makes sense for locals and travelers alike to participate in reducing the amount of plastic waste in this beautiful country. 






As the movement grows, RefillMyBottle is actively partnering with community ambassadors in Saigon and all over Vietnam to establish more and more refill stations. Business owners can also list their address to be added to the map HERE.










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