We all feel shitty sometimes. There are moments in life when we can’t eat or sleep properly anymore. We feel confused and we can’t even be as productive as we would like to be, even after taking some holidays. The Monsoon season has just started in Vietnam and you can feel there’s a different sort of feeling in the air. The sunny hot summer has been replaced by the promise of new life and growth and the full moon periods particularly during the monsoon are a magical time. A time offering fertility and abundance, rebirth and regrowth as water helps to bring life back, to cleanses and purify and unburden our lives of the things that no longer serve us.






 La Holista and Chi Bu Vietnam understood all of that and as a way to reconnect yourselves with nature, they’ll launch this September 14 the first Full moon celebration. A weekend in nature by the river, in Chi Bu, allowing you to breathe with the trees, walk barefoot, to slow down, to come back to your senses and enjoy life again.





Yoga, Plant-based meal, free time for activities including gardening, paddle boarding, swimming, table tennis, croquet, arts & crafts, with some friends of course. Everything is there that weekend and much more to make you feel better. Do you know a better way to transit to a new season so sweetly and with no stress?




River Rituals – A Full Moon Celebration

Saturday & Sunday, September 14th, 15th 2019

Pick up & Return: from An Phu Supermarket in Thao Dien to Chi Bu cottage Camp, Khu Nghi Duong sinh thai Chi Bu, 2/6/8 ấp Chính Nghĩa, Xã Vĩnh Thanh, Huyện Nhơn trạch, Tĩnh Đồng Nai, Vietnam. All about the weekend activities and price HERE




More Info HERE 

Registration HERE





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