Visit Vietnamese temples with Pil Nguyen’s videos

August 9, 2020


Pil Nguyen, a young Vietnamese director, takes advantage of his business trips to film temples with unique architecture presented to the public via his videos on his Youtube channel. So far the young director filmed more than 200 temples and pagodas and 133 temples have been featured in videos uploaded to his YouTube series “Chua Viet Nam” (Vietnamese temples).







“I film instead of photographing temples because I feel healthy energy that helps balance life. I think people need that energy as well, so I spent more time in the post-production phase to give audiences a full introduction to these places”. Besides, I want to highlight the unique architectural features and cultural significance of these temples,” says Pil. “Soon, I will invest in drones to give the audience more angles of the temples,” he adds. 

Pil Nguyen, whose real name is Nguyen Phuong Phi, won the first prize in the film contest to challenge gender stereotypes organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the national television channel VTV6 in 2016. He also released his first ‘web drama’ in March this year and some entertaining and educational video clips. 






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