Virtual Countdown Lights 2022 officially returns with top tier performers in a surreal virtual environment

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December 17


In the last days of the “new normal” life of 2021, the return of Virtual Countdown Lights 2022 marks a significant moment for all artists and fans, with never before seen performances for everyone to enjoy and celebrate the start of a new year with a smile, readily available at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home. Lights New Year Countdown – The most renowned music festival returns with a brave new virtual music platform.



Hình ảnh sự kiện LIGHTS Countdown 2021


An iconic event that gathers thousands of people across Nguyen Hue street year on year in pre-covid conditions. The show has always been crafted to match international standards and is broadcasted on television as well as for people to enjoy offline. It has remained as one of the most anticipated events in Ho Chi Minh City by many audiences. The last offline event gathered approximately 70,000 people and was broadcasted on TV and online to millions of households.


Capital Studio Media City and its partners decided to push the envelope by enhancing the previous year’s virtual setting to something bigger than before. Hence, the Lights Virtual Countdown 2022 was born, conceived under chaos and with a strong message to unite audiences. It is one of the first music events to leverage a blend of traditional and virtual production techniques overarched with XR technology to create unparalleled performances like never seen before. Virtual Countdown Lights 2021 still retains its influence and popularity with nearly 1 million online views and more than 3,500,000 interactions.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Đông Nhi (Hình 3) _ Credit_ Trịnh Bửu Duy

The Virtual Countdown lights 2022 event is created to boost the morale of all our audiences and artists in the last days of 2021. It conveys a meaningful message of a “brighter tomorrow”. This upgraded version leverages the pinnacle of technology, combining virtual production seamlessly with traditional elements to create something uplifting and extraordinary for audiences to experience, while at home.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Văn Mai Hương (Hình 1) _ Credit_ Trịnh Bửu Duy


The team leveraged creativity and innovative technology to break through all barriers of production to craft Virtual Countdown Lights 2022 in order to bring an unreal event, ready to debut for the first time in Vietnam. The organisers adapted during difficult times for their love of the people and the passion of music to bring forth artists in an entirely new format and becoming true pioneers of the music meta space.



Nghệ sĩ Đông Nhi, Wowy, Văn Mai Hương và Vũ Cát Tường sẽ tham gia LIGHTS Countdown 2022


The entire virtual landscape has been crafted by combining two iconic locations: Nguyen Hue walking street and Ha Long Bay all interconnected by a clock tower. This will make up 3 epic stages with unique concepts that audiences will be able to interact with. Virtual Countdown Lights 2021 will allow viewers to enjoy the full moment with their loved ones at home while still enjoying a true spirit for celebration.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Vũ Cát Tường (Hình 1) _ Credit_ Trịnh Bửu Duy


“Reset – Restart – Unite” – The beginning of a “brighter tomorrow”
“Virtual Countdown Lights 2022” is a story about a bonding journey between people, pampering the past wounds and heading to a brighter future, so that we can all unite and enter a new time period together. Aesthetically, the design of the show is inspired by a triangle, 3 lines that merge together to symbolise how anything is surpassable together. Inspired from the pyramid shape, Virtual Countdown Lights 2021 magnifies this symbol of art and the power of consensus by merging 3 layers of meaning: Reset – Restart – Unite, representing the idea of “Every cloud has a silver lining”. At “Virtual Countdown Lights 2022”, music will be a remedy to heal and nurture everyone’s spirits after a year full of fatigue and insecurity.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Văn Mai Hương (Hình 1) Credit_ Trịnh Bửu Duy


The stage of Virtual Lights Countdown 2022 brings together some of the most popular names in music with rising stars. It’s Đông Nhi – the female artist who’s been maintaining the heat throughout her 10-year career. The singer of “Stop Loving You” will “lit up” the Virtual Countdown Lights stage with energetic and upbeat songs or Rapper Wowy whose songs are well-known in the Underground World will also participate in the event. Not only famous for a series of carefully invested projects that carry a bold contemporary art spirit, Wowy is also known as a fashion icon with extremely unique outfits.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Văn Mai Hương Credit Trịnh Bửu Duy


Joining the “Virtual Countdown Lights Festival”, netizens could not help but be curious and look forward to a visually and auditorily spectacular performance of the Rap icon.



Hình ảnh luyện tập của Wowy Credit_ Trịnh Bửu Duy


2021 is also a memorable year for two brilliant female vocalists in Vietnam showbiz: Văn Mai Hương and Vũ Cát Tường. While the voice of Yeu Xa marched forward after the sold out of EP “Một Triệu Năm Ánh Sáng”, Van Mai Huong also broke the internet with her hit song “Hương” in the album of the same name, which was launched earlier this year. Will Vu Cat Tuong bring any special “Planet of Light” (referring to her song in the album) to the Festival of Light? And will Van Mai Huong pour her soul into “Blue Jazz” or show off her extremely strong choreography with Hương (Remix)? All will be answered at the stage of “Virtual Countdown Lights 2022.



Nghệ sĩ Đông Nhi, Wowy, Văn Mai Hương và Vũ Cát Tường sẽ tham gia LIGHTS Countdown 2022

After a turbulent and insecure year, Vietnam deserves a special goodbye to 2021. Hence, crafting this never before seen music meta space enables the uplifting of people’s spirits for the future and making audiences stronger for the “brave new world” ahead. Get ready to open the doors to 2022 in an explosive way!


Information on the live broadcast of the Virtual Countdown Lights 2021 event on December 31, 2021: From 20:30: On YouTube and Facebook Billboard Vietnam, and VieON application.




Available in : Vietnamese

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