Vietnamese Rap Group Requests Local Foreign Band to Reimagine Hit Song

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May 6.2020


On April 16th, 2021, local foreign band SHADYLANES debuted their English rendition of GERDNANG’s smash hit ‘Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng’. The band was contacted by the rap group and their management one week prior, to put their own signature spin on the currently trending hit song which clocked over 2 million views in just two weeks.




Bridging the gap between English and Vietnamese: SHADYLANES on location for their video of ‘Hẹn Gặp Em Dưới Ánh Trăng’.



Taking into account the fragility of a song’s post-release timeline, SHADYLANES immediately got to work on writing, recording, mixing, and editing the video for their take on the song – only outsourcing the filming and mastering for the project, while keeping every other aspect of the process completely inhouse between the three band members. “As a completely self-funded, independent band, this was a huge undertaking – and one we are so proud to have accomplished in only one week”, says Nache Chan, SHADYLANES’ bassist and producer. “We’re so grateful for GERDNANG (consisting of rappers HIEUTHUHAI, MANBO, HURRYKNG) and their team to take the time and trust us with their song, one we were more than thrilled to put our own twist on.”







The band’s English rendition features all the familiar guitar riffs and vocal stylings from the original, and retains the Vietnamese melodies sung in the choruses, while seamlessly adding an English reimagination to all the lyrics in the verses with a musical accompaniment the band is beginning to become more widely known for.







“The process of writing this one was an interesting challenge for me,” Chan adds. “I wanted to keep as many of the vocal rhythms and rhymes intact as much as possible, while rewriting all the lyrics in a completely different language. It’s almost a transcendental process in which you let the song guide you to what needs to happen next – hence the melodic strays throughout the second verse.”

Upon release of the band’s rendition on their YouTube channel, GERDNANG remarked “Love your take on the song guys” in the comments section, while also sharing the song to their Facebook page for their fans to appreciate too.

“We want to continue embracing and growing with the Vietanmese artistic culture,” the band adds. “So it’s an absolute honor to be recognized for our ability to do so in our own special way with this song.”


So far SHADYLANES’ 2021 releases include January’s ‘Just My Type (feat. Tabitha)’, February’s ‘Headlock’, March’s rework of MIN’s ‘Trên Tình Bạn Dưới Tình Yêu’, and April’s ‘Disco Nite Drive’, all available on the band’s YouTube channel.







The Vietnamese audience has been growing with SHADYLANES’ presence both on stage and online, with public interest escalating in January, 2020, due to their cover of ‘Mượn Rượu Tỏ Tình’ by BigDaddy x Emily which garnered nearly 30,000 views on Facebook and over 16,000 views on YouTube. Their cover even grabbed the attention of BigDaddy himself who commented on the video, “I love this cover. Thank you guys”.







So far the band has been recognized by international publications such as Mycitybynight, Scoop Magazine, and NZ Mag, with local recognition from the likes of VTV, and Duong Cam’s Bandland Channel. SHADYLANES has also been mentioned by the likes of YouTube star GuitarZero2Hero, who boasts nearly 1 million subscribers, for their rendition of BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’.


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Available in : Vietnamese

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