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If in Vietnam naturism is still far from the usual Vietnamese customs, some Naturism followers continue to practice their passion on the Red River’ shores in Hanoi. There, the most daring who like to bath in the simples apparatus, go at the edge of the Red River in search of a communion with nature. Hidden behind banana trees, men take off their clothes for a dive, play a chess game or exercise. Women, who are less to adhere to this practice, have however a place reserved for them. Some come every day, with a temperature of less than 20° C in this winter period in Vietnam. “Here I’m relaxed, as if I could go back to childhood and it’s great, I feel comfortable when I come here doing exercises, it helps me to feel better when I go back to work”, says a naturism follower.

In Vietnam, there is no official naturist association so in Hanoi, the adepts have to go on this piece of wildland by the Red River where the police let them do as far as they do not cause any problems. However, in Vietnam, as in China, in Cambodia or Burma in particular, nudity is taboo and remains regulated in movies and art in general. Even if nudist swimmers have multiplied in China, if Thailand has some naturist retreats and if it is popular in Japan or South Korea to bath naked, the Vietnamese society still stays quite conservative and even prudish nowadays.





However, contrary to what one might think, Naturism in Vietnam is not born today. It started to be practiced in the 2010s and continues punctually on the island of Phu Quôc, where nudists bathe at the foot of mountain waterfalls or on small beaches, on the peninsula of Son Tra, off the harbor and the bay of Da Nang which is bordered by creeks, also in Bach Ma 60 km from Hue in cascades at 1.450m of altitude, on the Southern Highlands in the waterfalls of Gia Long, on the Serepok River, and in Dak Lak province, about thirty km from the capital of Ban Me Thuot.


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