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March 8, 2021


“Vi” realized by Le Bao just won the Special jury Award at the Berlin International Film Festival “Encounter section”. The “Encounters section”, though competitive, supports new voices in cinema and gives room for diverse narrative and documentary forms. Earlier, the film won also the “Most Potential Project” award at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2020.







“Vi” is about a Nigerian football player playing in the Vietnamese football league who is forced, after breaking his leg, to find a job in a sex parlor to provide money for his wife and son. Bao got the idea for the film years ago based on his high-school memories.

“In “Vi” the actors are amateurs, including the call girls. The memories I have of the time we made the movie, they are all treasures. I am happy to have people by my side. Each of us is a part of the movie” he confessed.







Vi” was the only Vietnamese movie this year to join the festival taking place in two stages, from March 1 to 5 and from June 9 to 20, 2021.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this year all Industry Event activities will take place online. From March 1 to 5, 2021, the film festival was launched for film professionals and accredited representatives of the press and from June 9-20, the Summer Special will allow the general public to see the majority of the 2021 selected films in Berlin cinemas in the presence of filmmakers.










Available in : Vietnamese

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