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Vietnam has countless dazzling natural places and superb adventurous routes. Winter is the ideal season for outdoor exploration, and you will not find anything better than Vietnam’s national parks to do it. Cat Tien is one of them. Only 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City, this national park is ideal for escaping the frenzy of the city. And if you have ants in your pants take part in the activities organized on site. Try the trekking or the kayaking or opt for the ethnic communities’ discovery. In short, activities are multiple in this extremely diverse park!







Founded in 1992, Cat Tien National Park covers about 720 km and protects one of the largest rainforest areas in Vietnam with diverse vegetation of bamboo forests, agricultural lands, wetlands, and grasslands. Cat Tien National Park is also home to many birds and mammals such as Asian elephants, bears, crocodiles, gibbons, deer, etc… The park ecosystem plays an important role in maintaining the conservation of the biodiversity in the region as well as in the social and economic life of ethnic communities: Ma, Tay, and Stieng living in the Reserved for several centuries.




To contribute to the conservation of nature, to educate tourists, and help local communities to live harmoniously respecting nature; WWF launched in 2011 the Ta Lai Longhouse Project with the agreement of Cat Tien National Park.  The project englobes 3 special projects: Ta Lai Longhouse offers visitors an ecotourism experience and the opportunity to stay in the traditional bamboo longhouse; Ta Lai Adventure is specialized in organizing outdoors activities, sport events; and offers outdoors education; Ta Lai Aromes d’Indochine offers a range of sustainable agro-food products.




Ta Lai Longhouse


The Ta Lai longhouse allow visitors to stay in a traditional Ma minority house made of bamboo. The houses are equipped with mosquito nets and can be divided by bamboo curtains to offer privacy if required in a dormitory space. Meals are taken under the covered and shaded outdoor dining are.  The menu offers Vietnamese dishes which are freshly prepared daily, but also offer vegan, other Asian and western dishes as requested.  Surrounded by forest and overlooking the lake, the longhouses are perfect for anyone searching for an oasis in the Jungle. 30% of your stay will be donated to support local community projects. Contact Ta Lai Longhouse




Ta Lai Adventure


Ta Lai Adventure offers outdoors activities and events such as: teambuilding, school trips, kid camps, and sport races.  They also offer kayaking, cycling, trekking in the forest, cooking classes, visits to rescue centers for bears and monkeys, treasure hunts for children and much more. Through these outdoors trips Ta Lai Adventure will bring visitors closer to nature, ignite awareness on the urgency to protect the environment, and share our hearts to support local communities. Contact Ta Lai Aventure




Ta Lai Aromes d’Indochine





Ta Lai Arômes d’Indochine produces and markets coffee, cocoa, pepper and salt grown by Ta Lai farmers in order to reward and support the sustainability of their work by adhering to the principles of ethical and sustainable agriculture. Aromes d’Indochine purchases these products at 30% higher than the market price to support the local farmers in their production for clean and high-quality products. All production stages, from sourcing the beans, right through to the final product are in line with our high ethical standards for social and environmental welfare. It is this vision that we invite you to share through our products. Caring for the environment, local farmers and you, the final consumer. Info Arôme d’Indochine







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Christmas holidays! What a better time than the holidays to become an adventurer …







Ta Lai also offers you this year the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your friends and family directly in the jungle. A unique experience!

Tai Lai Info


Wild landscapes, breathtaking views, moving wildlife, the discovery of unknown cultures with ethnic minorities: that’s what Cat Tien National Park has to offer. A park still authentic enough with tropical forests and green valleys still untouched, at only 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh City.







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