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October 22, 2020






Founded in Saigon in 2002 by two fans of acoustic guitar and traditional music, Christian Bouaziz and Patrick Genuite, Viet Voda House (or VVDH) was above all the story of two Frenchies living in Vietnam who drew inspiration from traditional music and jazz, House/Electro music, all to create a fusion of new sounds.


Christian Bouaziz, guitarist and jazz-rock aficionado, has an impressive list of collaborations ranging from La Grande Sophie, Ray Lema the famous Jazzman, to those here in Vietnam with the singer Le cat Trong Ly and with the International Jazz guitarist Nguyen Le. Patrick Genuite brought a passion for electronic sounds and traditional music. The musical journey spans all the way from the conservatory of Sete (France)  to collaborations with the conservatory of traditional music in HCMC.







In 2005, a first album titled “Ve Nha” was released, then a meeting with Philippe Bouler, Hue festival’s organizer led the group to perform at the Oslo festival with Le Cat Trong Ly. In 2013, Sébastien Laval invited them to work together in Ho Chi Minh city during his exhibition “54” as well as at the Hue festival which propelled them to the forefront of the contemporary Vietnamese music scene of the time.




Christian Bouaziz – Le Cat Trong Ly



In 2016, VVDH presented “Song Saigon”, their latest album, a journey into the history of world music encompassing both ethno-jazz and the energy and spirit of Vietnamese music with the help of artists such as Nguyen Le, Ray Lema, Le Cat Trong Ly, Lionel Catalan and Gene Perez.

Viet Voday house, which was all in all 10 years of meetings with professionals and crazy performances around the world, ended in 2018 when the team spilt up.





Available in : Vietnamese

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