Recognised by Bliss for his captivating documentary film on the Saigonese musical group, VIET VO DA HOUSE, documentary maker ‘Emmanuel Hubert’ takes us on the journey of this group while also providing a breathtaking musical and cultural trip around Vietnam.





Viet Vo Da House (VVDH) is a highly dynamic group with a rich and complex history within the music industry, making them highly intriguing to their unique and captivated audience.
VVDH it’s 15 years of meeting with professionals as Catalan FC, Philippe Bouler, Tran Quang Hai, Sebastien Laval, diverse collaborations with Nguyên Lê, La Grande Sophie, Le Cat Trong Ly, Ray Lema, Lionel Catalan, Gene Perez etc and crazy performances in Oslo at the Mela Festival, at the Hue Festival or the HCMC Celebration of the Year France-Vietnam, etc.



Christian T Bouaziz with Le Cat Trong Ly

Founded in Saigon in 2002 from a mix of acoustic guitar, a computer and traditional Vietnamese music, the group collaborated with producer Lionel Catalan on their first album ‘Ve Nha’. A chance encounter with Philippe Bouler, the organiser of the Hue festival resulted in the group being invited to perform at the festival of Oslo with Le Cat Trong Ly, and a friendship which lasts still to this day.

In 2013 Sebastien Laval invited VVDH to collaborate musically in Ho Chi Minh at his exhibition ’54’ as well as at the Hué festival which propelled them to the front of the trendy Vietnamese music scene. Standing proudly as a major figure of World music in Vietnam, VVDH has already provided us with a personal vision of their multicultural heritage in their first album “Ve Nha” in 2005.




14390962_1049584131827403_9108116850975926163_nIn 2016 VVDH introduced “Song Saigon”, a new journey into the story of experimental World music which takes as much in the Ethno-jazz as well as the Vietnamese music’s energy and spirit. A dancing tale in which Jazz, Groove and Vietnamese music intertwine with joy. With collaborations from artists including Nguyen Le, Ray Lema, Le Cat Trong Ly, Lionel Catalan and Gene Perez, the group have demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the Asian world music history and an immense talent to combined and modernised it.


About the director

Emmanuel Hubert is an engineer and a self-taught filmmaker. In late 2009 he moved to Vietnam to form Louch’Bem Films with the architect, photographer and videographer, Julien Smith.
At Vietnam’s first international competition ’48 Hours Film Project’ in 2010, Louch’Bem Films won the prestigious ‘Price for Art Direction’ as well as the Award for ‘Best Sound Design’ for ‘Same Same’, their first short film. In 2011, Louch’Bem Films continued their work to include a new entry for the ’48 Hours Film Project’ which saw “Olga” win them the award for best choreography.
In 2014 they won the Award for ‘Best Local Production in Vietnam’ at the YXINEFF Festival the for their film ‘Contrebande’. Louch’Bem Films embarked on the story-telling documentary about Viet Vo Da House ‘A Vietnamese story’ in 2014. Since then they have been working on several commercial and charitable film projects.






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