Veuve Clicquot collaborated with Smeg to create a limited-edition Champagne Fridge

November 5.2022


Champagne lovers, rejoice: 13 years after their first historic collaboration in 2009, Smeg and Veuve Clicquot are back with a new special edition partnership to commemorate the French Maison’s first 250 years. The 2022 edition introduces a special version of the FAB28 and FAB10 fridges in the iconic Veuve Clicquot yellow color, with the 1950s-inspired design for which Smeg has become known.





The Fab 28, the larger of the two fridges, is a full-size model with plenty of storage, ideal for families or singles. There are three adjustable glass shelves, two drawers, and a glass crisper cover; the freezer compartment also has an ice-cube tray on top.





The Fab 10, the smallest, is ideal for the home bar. It fits perfectly in any kitchen because it is the same height as most standard kitchen counters. The small freezer is supported by two adjustable glass shelves and a crisper drawer. A stationary bottle shelf and two adjustable shelves are located along the door. Energy-efficient LED lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside for eco-conscious shoppers, and the fridge has a low 142 kilowatt-hours per year power consumption.

Other than that, both models have an automatic defroster, but the Fab 10 has static cooling and the Fab 28 has multi-flow cooling. You can also get the smaller fridge with a left- or right-hinged door, while the larger one comes only with the right-hinge option.





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