Valentine’s Day 2021: The Best Perfume Pairs for You and your SO

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February 12, 2021


There’s something so romantic about wearing matching scents with your significant other. It’s almost like couples wearing complementary scents have an invisible connection that only the two of them know about. We’ve trawled the depths of opulence to bring you the best perfume gifts for each of you for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or, let’s be honest, no real reason at all.




To celebrate Valentine day on February 14, opt for a fusional fragrance!




The best-friends couple

High school sweethearts and couples who are still together through the years will love these Tiffany & Love fragrances. Besides the cute matching bottles, Tiffany & Co. has designed the scents as an expression of authenticity that celebrates how love brings two people together.





For Her: Tiffany & Love Eau de parfum: Fresh floral fragrance with a woody finish

For him: Tiffany & Love Eau de Toilette: Citrus fragrance with a similar woody finish




The Sexy couple

Just by looking at them, you can feel that they have mind-blowing intimacy. If this description fits you and your loved one, you’ll love the Gucci Guilty fragrances. These fragrances have a sensual scent that’s designed for modern women and men who desire to declare their self-expression and sexuality.




For Her: Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette. This fragrance contains fern and geranium generally used in men’s scents with lilac flower laced with amber and patchouli to radiate warmth and grace.

For him: Gucci Guilty Men. Eau de toilette with lavender and lemon top notes, with orange blossom underscored by cedarwood and patchouli.




The destined-to-be-together couple 

You were the two people that were meant to be, the couple that people just knew would be perfect for each other, or the two people who were always in each other’s lives. You just had to happily end up together when things finally fell into place.







For her: L’Instant de Guerlain Eau de Parfum for women: Guerlain has imagined an overdose of solar notes sublimated by an amber accord to make it a real skin fragrance. Here, we dress in a trail of jasmine and ylang-ylang.

For him: L’instant de Guerlain. Eau de toilette for men: L’instant de Guerlain refers to the crucial moment of seduction when the man meets its destined to be. Woody and warm essence make this moment even more unique.



The total-opposites couple

One is outgoing, the other is laidback. One is spontaneous, the other is rigid. One is rugged, the other is very clean. If you and your partner are opposites but somehow fit together perfectly, these Viktor&Rolf fragrances reflect your dynamic!



For Her: Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de parfum

For Him: Spice Bomb Viktor&Rolf  Eau de parfum




The very-alike couple

You have the same interests, the same circle of friends and colleagues, the same job, the same passion, the same attitude, and personality. If you and your significant other are virtually the same people, then these perfumes will go perfectly with the matchy-matchy nature of your relationship. They’re both youthful and electric fragrances with common notes of fresh basil verbena, spicy cardamom, and a shot of juniper berries. Even the bottles look so similar!






For Her: Burberry Beauty Brit Rhythm Women

For Him: Floral and Brit Rhythm Men Eau De Toilette




The open-relationship couple

You’re committed to each other, fully on the same page, and you’re so trusting that it’s okay if the other hooks up with someone else (given that there’s consent).







With their elegant, massive, even solemn bottle, one would almost want to treat oneself to these perfumes adopted by the young Hollywood guard as if they were an Oscar of love. In the feminine bottle: frangipani flower and vetiver (a very daring combination for a perfume for women). For men: iris and amber.

For Her: La Femme Prada

For Him: L’Homme Prada



The party-going couple

You guys, you met while clubbing, probably slunk away to a secluded spot the first time you laid eyes on each other, thinking you will just have a fling. But nope. Almost a year into your relationship you’re still together (and partying side by side). Things must be serious.




001 Man & Woman, Loewe

A chic, elegant and minimalist duo, the brand’s first olfactory creation under the direction of Jonathan W. Anderson, who wanted to recreate the idea of the “next morning”. The result is both fresh, subtle, and timeless.




The stylish couple

The beige color of your dress picks up the white of his T-shirt? That’s called synergy. If you have a style that is complementary but never matchy-matchy (ew), then Valentino Donna and Valentino Uomo intense are the picks for you.







For Her: Valentino Donna

For Him: Valentino Uomo Intenso

With its faceted bottles, Valentino Donna and Valentino Uomo Intenso are for a trendy couple looking for an accessory that will express their style. The essence of rose, patchouli, and vanilla for an feminin, elegant and sensual trail; iris, black leather, and vanilla ensure a masculin, dynamic and seductive scent for men.




The true-love-really-does-exist couple

If you are this aged gray-haired couple still holding hands with a sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other. Well… You’re every couple’s dream!





For her: Eau de parfum In Love With You, Armani

This amber scent brings together floral notes of rose, jasmine, and black cherry. Ultra-feminine with its rosé champagne package, this fragrance delights personalities in search of a fruity, floral, and intense scent.

For him: Eau de parfum Stronger with You, Armani

Spicy vanilla essence, woody notes, and iced chestnut. Ideal for daring men who love fresh, and tangy scents.








Available in : Vietnamese

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