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Instead of celebrating Tet with their families, and despite the Covid 19 many people now choose to travel during this year’s longest holiday. With a cool climate and hundreds of brilliant flowers blooming this month, Da Lat is becoming increasingly appealing to tourists. Here, are some of the city’s most popular attractions.




Celebrate the iconic cherry blossoms





Da Lat cherry blossom flowers are stunning during Tet. The arrival of the Lunar New Year 2022 in February coincides with the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Da Lat. If you visit the town during that period, you will be able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.



Admire Da Lat orchids during the Tet holiday




Tet 2022 will take place in February, which will coincide not only with the cherry blossom season but also with orchids in full bloom. You can go to the flower stalls or the market to admire the colorful orchids. Dalat orchids are distinguished by their large cotton, vibrant colors, and tall stems.



Explore DaLat’s red strawberry gardens




Strawberries are still in season in the early days of the new year. Da Lat strawberries are well-known for their large, round, plump, and sweet fruit.



Enjoy Cau Dat tea plantations




Cau Dat tea hill has recently emerged as an ideal meeting place for young people. Hundreds of hectares of tea on wavy hills make visitors feel small in the face of nature.



Have a romantic walk in the Valley of Love




Visitor only need to “bring the camera up to have a beautiful image” with hundreds of carefully cared for and well-cut flowers…



Pray in a pagoda




Aside from watching flowers, going to the temple is a must-do activity in Da Lat during the new year. If you are still unsure about which famous pagoda to pray at during the Lunar New Year, consider the following: Thien Vuong Co Tu Pagoda, Hidden Law Spirit, Truc Lam Monastery, and Linh Phuoc Pagoda.



Discover Clay Tunnels




The Clay tunnel recreating the history of Dalat City is also known as the sculpture tunnel. The sculpture tunnel started to be built in 2010 with a length around 2 kilometers. This is one of the most famous architectural works of Da Lat City built by Mr. Trinh Ba Dung. Dalat sculpture tunnel tourist area is located in Ward 4 of Dalat city in the direction of Tuyen Lam Lake and Truc Lam Zen monastery.



Get nostalgic at Bao Dai’s Summer Palace




Bao Dai was the last emperor of Vietnam, ascending to the throne when he was only 12 years old.He was also known for owning a splendid summer palace in Da Lat constructed in 1933.  The house is still much as it would have been in the past, with Bao Dai’s furniture and personal belongings.



Take a walk to Datanla Waterfall




Datanla Waterfall is one of Da Lat’s most famous waterfalls, and you can easily reach it from the town center.



Relax at Xuan Huong Lake




The lake is surrounded by lush gardens filled with flowers and indigenous plants, where you can take an afternoon stroll to take in the sights. There are graceful willow and peach trees along the lake’s banks, as well as some small cafes where you can have a drink and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.



Pay a visit to the Da Lat Train Station




Da Lat Train Station was built in 1943 and, despite its small size, it provides a fascinating glimpse into how people traveled in the past. You can take the train, which is a wood-burning locomotive, for about 5 kilometers up a mountain pass, ending in the picturesque village of Trai Mar.



Hike Elephant Falls




Elephant Falls, or Lieng Rewoa Waterfall is less visited than other falls in the region because of its difficulties to reach it. This means that you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the peace of the lipid pools and gushing water on a trip. The falls are also close to Linh An Tu Pagoda, so you can easily visit both in the same afternoon.



Get a drink at 100 Roofs Cafe




The 100 Roofs Cafe is designed in the same style as the Crazy House, making it one of the most unique drinking establishments in Da Lat. On a visit here, you’ll find a labyrinth of winding tunnels and rooms that will have you thinking you’ve wandered into a scene from The Hobbit.



Enjoy 20s luxury at Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel




Majestically overlooking The Xuan Huong Lake of Dalat, and built in the early part of the last century, in 1922, Dalat Palace offers luxurious elegance and a ravishing French colonial charm. Majestically overlooking The Xuan Huong Lake, the Hotel offers five hectares of rolling pine-covered gardens, 43 rooms and suites spacious designed in typical Edwardian and Art Deco style, a restaurant and coffee place.



Visit the Crazy House




Wild, weird, wonderful… there are many ways to describe the Crazy House (also known as Hang Nga Guesthouse) in Dalat. Standing in stark contrast to Dalat’s French colonial villas, the bizarre avant-garde guesthouse is a maze of spiral staircases, sculptural bedrooms, undulating surfaces, swirls of bright colors, narrow bridges, and hidden nooks designed in 1990. The artist behind the structure, 79-year-old Dang Viet Nga, says it’s the ultimate expression of her imagination. You can not only visit it but also sleep in it. The Crazy House is also a hotel with a few guest rooms for those who prefer to live close to nature. Rooms are outfitted with natural furniture and essential amenities to introduce the concept of “Back to nature.”



Have a look at the Sub-Institute of Central Highlands Biology




The Sub-Institute of Central Highlands Biology located on Tung Lam hill, was built in the 1950s. Today it still looks like an ancient castle with unique architecture and a classic French touch.



Reach Pongour Falls on foot




The Pongour Falls cascades down from a height of 20 meters and jut out of the side of picturesque mountains on the outskirts of Da Lat. As the mountains are 100 meters wide, that makes them the largest falls in Vietnam.



Explore the French Quarter




The French Quarter on Tran Hung Dao Road in Da Lat is one of the most beautiful parts of town, where you can see how the French colonialists celebrated their holidays in the 1920s and 1930s.



Visit the Airport of Cam Ly




Cam Ly Airport is an abandoned location in Da Lat. Because of the limited runway area, this location has long since ceased operations. However, the scenery draws many devotees, particularly during the wild sunflower season (November/December and April/May) when the land transforms into a romantic flower garden.



Take a walk in Bidoup Niu Ba National Park




Bidoup Niu Ba National Park, 32 kilometers from Da Lat, is part of a vast forest that sits high on a plateau above Da Lat and is home to graceful bamboo groves and waving grasslands with elevations ranging from 650 to 2,288 meters. There is also there a visitor center where you can learn about the K’Ho hill tribes’ history and culture.



Go to Dalat Night market




Da Lat Market, which sprawls across several multi-story buildings, is alive with activity as people go about their daily lives. The market located in the city center has over a thousand shops and stalls for you to peruse, with vendors selling seemingly everything under the sun or the stars.



Discover the Chapel of St. Franciscans




This deserted site in Da Lat is located on a hill surrounded by green pine trees on the grounds of the former Tran Phu high school. The complex was originally a monastery or convent before becoming the Lam Vien Hotel, the Thang Long School, and the Tran Phu High School. This chapel is a harmonious interplay of Gothic architecture and tiled roofs imbued with impressive western influences.



Experience the authentic side of Hoa Xa tunnel




Even though abandoned for a long time, the Hoa Xa tunnel is still a popular name among many traveling believers who visit Da Lat. This location is 20 kilometers from the city center and used to be the famous cog railway connecting Thap Cham and Da Lat; locals refer to it as the railway connecting “sea and flowers.”



Remember that Kayaking, Camping, Rappelling, 4WD Tours, and more are available in Da Lat




Kayaking in the afternoon, camping at night, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake, preparing a picnic dinner with new friends, chatting, sitting around a campfire, and more is possible in Da Lat. Check your travel agency.



Pay a visit to haunted houses




If you want to experience some haunted house, lucky for you, Da Lat is chock full of historical homes with interesting and spooky stories attached to them and it is not too hard to find haunted houses if you know where to look.



Before travelling check with your travel provider on travel restrictions and any COVID-19 prevention measures in place at your destination and/or on return. During travelling follow guidelines imposed by Vietnamese authorities.








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