TOP 8 Signs of a Perfect Relationship

March 16, 2020


A perfect relationship between a man and a woman: myth or reality? Of course, it is not easy to meet a person who is perfect for you, and it is even harder to achieve complete harmony and understanding in a relationship. Some people manage to create perfect relationships on an intuitive level, others – through long work and patience. But the fact is that perfect love exists.








Nothing happens if a man and woman don’t trust each other. She should feel that the man belongs only to her, and he – that she belongs entirely to him. When suspicions, scandals, quarrels, surveillance, and total control arise, the whole atmosphere is lost. If the couple trusts each other in difficult situations, they will always be together.




Absence of prohibited topics




Between people living together, there is often a misunderstanding that requires discussion. If you avoid complicated conversations so as not to offend a loved one, this will lead to unnecessary silence and tension in your relationship. Try to calmly and respectfully explain your position and feelings. You are not on a first date. You are already a couple. So, don’t keep silent.




Support in everything




Regardless of whether you share each other’s aspirations, it is very important to provide support in all endeavors. Caring for a loved one is manifested precisely in this. At the same time, you can either just be near or help in every possible way to achieve some goal. Indeed, the happiness of your partner depends on this.




Indulgent attitude to shortcomings




An important component of a strong union is the desire and ability of partners to forgive and be condescending to shortcomings. Nobody is perfect. Acceptance of the partner’s shortcomings will make you closer. The partner acts as an ally, not an opponent, and this brings together very well. This is what the relationship between a man and a woman should be like.




Common interests, values, and plans




A perfect relationship between loving people is when they have common dreams, desires, a joint hobby, and preferences. It is not necessary to do everything together but if a girl only wants to relax on the beach and a guy wants to run a business and have children, nothing will come of them. There must be something unifying, otherwise there will be a breakup.








A guy and a girl should respect each other, and not just love. You have to perceive a person as a life partner and respect each other’s thoughts, desires, needs, and decisions. You need to respect the right to privacy, own decision, dreams, relations with family, and so on. In any couple, there are scandals because these are still two people, not one. But everyone can make their relationship perfect. To do this, you just need to understand the main qualities of the ideal person (in your opinion), and secondary ones.




No hiding flaws




As we said, perfect people don’t exist. If you intentionally hide flaws, play an unusual role for yourself, put on a mask in front of your partners, they will not be able to discover your true essence. Normal relationships are built on openness. If there are feelings between you, you will be loved and appreciated along with all the flaws and shortcomings.




Personal life




Yes, you are a team, one whole, you live by the motto: “All mine is yours, all yours is mine.” It’s fine. But you shouldn’t forget that you are also two different people and each of you has the right to certain privacy that deserves respect. This doesn’t mean that you need to check every step (the exception is when a real reason is given for this).









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