March 24.2019


Finding an ideal place to live in Ho Chi Minh City is a challenging task even for the local residents. If you are planning to settle down in this busy city, there are five things you should consider first.


Security and surrounding environment



Check first the “for rent” day and night to observe the house conditions and the neighborhood. If the safety of the surrounding area is not secured, located near noisy places as karaoke bars, or building in construction, you may not be able to sleep at night! If possible, spend some time at the coffee bar close to the place you want to rent to observe better the situation.



Check the living conditions, public facilities and transport



Before paying the deposit, you should consider about the convenience of the place. Many flats in HCMC are designed with shared facilities as bathroom and kitchen, so if you like a private life, you have to check it first. Next, check if it is close to your workplace. Public transport in HCMC is always crowded, and traffic gets worse especially during rush hours, so you may not want to look for something too far from your work!


Check your landlord



With a large amount of informations you can find today on the net, you can look for your landlord renting history and his/her reputation. You can also have some meeting with your landlord to evaluate his/her characteristic and attitude before signing the contract. That is an essential thing to do as you do not want to have a conflict with him in the middle of your stay.




Deposit is the necessary condition for any contract. The amount is variable depending on your landlord. You should negotiate to minimize it as much as possible, as well as knowing the condition to get it back. You will lose you deposit if your end your contracts before the end date. As you may have to move often depending on your job or study, it is advised only to have a short-term contract.


Terms and conditions of the contract



That is the most important things when you sign the contract, so it should not be taken lightly. Usually, the contract is arranged by the landlord but check all the conditions carefully, such as landlord-tenant information, renting price, deposit, compensations and electric/water bill and fees. Don’t forget to include a clause to prevent your owner from breaking the contract, with financial compensation for it.



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