March 7, 2020


We share our planet with millions of plant and animal species – a wonderful variety of wild animals and their habitats that enrich our lives in so many ways. Nature provides us with food, water, medicine, raw materials and supports livelihoods and economies. But as we can see from recent events, nature is in crisis and out of balance. With new viruses, pollution, pesticides, deforestation, forests, and plants are disappearing massively, plastic bags and other litter pollute the coasts and seas, climate change is creating irreversible damage, etc.







Right now Vietnam’s Mekong provinces are declaring a state of emergency amid record drought, saltwater intrusion in lands. The most serious case in a century. About 5,000 hectares of rice paddies in the Delta are expected to be completely ruined, while approximately 20,000 hectares of fruit trees will also be affected.




Whether you are young or old, well of or not, there are ways to help and get involved in causes that matter and WWF is one of them



The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced independent conservation organizations in the world. Founded on April 29, 1961, WWF has today become one of the largest environmental organizations in the world with more than 5 million supporters worldwide and a presence in over 100 countries.

WWF-Vietnam was one of the first international non-governmental organizations to work in Vietnam closely with the Vietnamese government and local partners on a wide range of environmental issues, implementing numerous field activities across the country. Through its actions, WWF Viêtnam strives to conserve the region’s biodiversity and guarantee a sustainable future for its inhabitants.







Viet Nam is located in the Greater Mekong region, one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. Rich natural resources support the livelihoods and unique well-being of millions of people in mainland Southeast Asia. However, flora and fauna are threatened due to habitat loss, poorly planned infrastructure, climate change, unsustainable farming methods, and poaching.

Today WWF needs you for all actions taken in Vietnam and the world and it will only take you a minute. Go to the WWF World website or on WWF Vietnam choose a cause and make your voice heard!




Join WWF-Vietnam today in the virtual race for wild life


Run Wilde is an online tournament but participants run offline. At any age, you can choose running distance that fits your ability, you can run with anyone, at any time and choose where you want to run (including on treadmill).  And you can even do it with your family, friends and colleagues!







Save the most vulnerable wildlife across 05 countries in South East Asia (60% of the proceeds from the race will go straight to help WWF maintain the rich biodiversity of the ecosystems and protect species from poaching and illegal wildlife trade.)

Register and share to your network this run for a good cause.


How to join?

Step 1: Download and install the 42Race App

Google Playstore: HERE 

Apple Store: HERE  

Step 2: Register to take part in the virtual race


Registration timeline: Open till April 19 2020.

Race timeline: 29th Feb – 26th April.

More information about Run Wild with WWF: HERE  











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