Thư Madelin from Moniq Studio – The wild taste of the untamed

March 2, 2020


Some designers and models take everything too seriously. Seemingly having zero fun. I am so bored with that… But when fashion becomes playful, it’s pure joy.







Thư Madelin, with her Hanoi-based brand MONIQ Studio, is just as caught up with playfulness as she is with her craft as a designer. Trained by her own vision plus an academic background from the London College of Fashion Studies and Hanoi College of Art, Thư is creating stunning limited edition and bespoke pieces.











Worn by celebrities and individuals alike who embrace bold fabric and color. Her brand is high-spirited, daring, and dangerously fun.

That’s exactly what I want.

Brocades, faux-furs, and animal prints all add a 3-dimensional pop to her pieces. The inspiration from nature doesn’t stop there. Patches of flamingos and planets, or an eye, sometimes adorn her creations, which are for both men and women.












“I’m breaking the rules and inventing my own rainbows.”



MONIQ Studio  juxtaposes contrasting saturated colors and mixes hues and neons that scream, “I’m breaking the rules and inventing my own rainbows.” But Thư makes these color collisions work together extremely well. She is successfully defining her own rules along the way, and I am sure she will eventually break those too. Her use of color is precisely what the band DEVO did with music by creating their rendition of Satisfaction. Old rules out => new rules in => repeat.






Her clothing is futuristic and classic at the same time. Donning her models in space-age looking sunglasses certainly adds futurism. However, the way the clothes drape, the way some necklines plunge, the way others constrict while exposing bare shoulders, or perhaps an aggressive slit in a skirt, all add a touch of traditional style that retains a rich Vietnamese / Chinese heritage. They remind me of images from the classic Wong Kar-wai In The Mood For Love – but the costuming including cool sunglasses and bold clothing.








Luxurious red velvet, blue and gold tweed coats. Faux-fur flamingo mini-bags and pink zebra coats, a velvet hoody bodysuit. Sequinned blazers. Zebra tops. i-D Magazine stuff all the way! MONIQ Studio (had it existed)  would have fit in their first issue 40 years ago or their latest issue just as smartly. Thư is pushing creativity forward in a timeless manner.









To conclude, I’m going to paraphrase Thư’s own words when she said something to the effect of, “Funny, weird people in our society are sometimes misunderstood. I cheer exceptional souls and spirits.” Bravo Thư! Keep cheering.



Pics: Thomas Bo Pedersen, Sebastian Graetz, An Bao, Tong My Linh, Nhat Minh Tran / Tomo Project
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