Things not to do on Instagram


January 17.2022



Instagram is a social network on which you can spend hours creating, disseminating and interacting around its content. And sometimes, with no results… Whether or not you are trying to become an influencer, there are a few rules to follow that can help you develop your followers, and some things you absolutely must not do.





Don’t rely too heavily on hashtags

Hashtags are your secret weapon for showing your post to users who aren’t already following you, so the temptation to put the # symbol before every word is strong. However, Instagram keeps a close eye on the matter and does not allow you to publish a post with more than 30 hashtags, so proceed with caution because the post will appear without text from the 31st – those of the first comment you leave on the photo are also counted.


Too much or too little posting

Stick to an average of 2-3 pieces of content per day, but stick to it. You won’t face any penalties, but your subscribers may block you if they find your posts in their feed.






Don’t steal photos

Posting someone else’s content is positive and increases engagement with your personal profile. However, “stealing” someone’s photo without their permission and without mentioning it in the post works against you and your account could be banned from the platform.


Don’t go overboard with the follow-up strategy

Following someone and waiting for him or her to follow you back is a good way to increase your followers, especially if you are a beginner. However, it is a practice that Instagram has begun to penalize: first, it does not allow you to do it more than 350 times per day, and second, it does not display the list of those you follow in chronological order, so you must look at each profile to see if it has followed you back or not.





React to comments

Nothing is worse than failing to respond to comments left under your posts. The more comments a post receives, the more likely it is to be viewed as an engaging post by others.





Do not purchase followers

This is yet another action that will result in your Instagram account being banned. After a period of tolerance that allowed bots to flood the platform, the social network has declared war on fake followers and is conducting continuous scans to find false profiles or profiles that are only meant to increase the number of fans.


Do not Use low-quality images

Instagram is a social network that exists solely on the basis of photographs. So it is obvious that posting images that are ugly, blurry, or have very low resolution is pointless. The same is true for filters: use them sparingly.


Try out the various formats

Instagram’s algorithm is well known for introducing new features on a regular basis.  The more you’ll use various formats, the more Instagram will highlight you. Failure to experiment with multiple formats (including the video format on which Instagram is heavily reliant) can stymie an account’s growth.










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