Is this a restaurant for me? It’s a question you ask yourself when friends take you to a vegan restaurant for lunch. But is it really challenging to eat Vegan? Not at Thien Duyen Restaurant because this place is for real food lovers and even if you’re not vegan, there’s something for everybody to try there. The inspiration for the menu simply comes from the owner’s desire to offer healthy food but also at the same time to meet the dietary requirements of his religious faith. Because yes, Thien Duyen Restaurant is located in Minh Dang Quanh Buddhist Temple and yes, Buddhist monks, followers of Buddhist and vegetarian precepts eat here sometimes or for the full moon buffet ( Vnd 190 000/Pers) each month.






The menu at Thien Duyen restaurant is extensive with lots of dishes to choose around VND 65,000. For anyone who love Tofu, they do it well here. The deep-fried Tofu is literally fantastic. Few bite-sized medallion-shaped tofu pieces about an inch thick are topped with a pinch of chili and diverse spices.





A nice dish to share also is the salad with coconuts or without, a typical Vietnamese-style salad, bright, colorful and fresh with diverse vegetable, coconuts and peanuts serve with the obligatory rice crackers to eat it with. If you’re after something a bit more decadent, try the fungus and various mushrooms proposed on the menu. They are just to die. Thien Duyen Restaurant proposes also a selection of hotpots to share and great fruit juices in case you want to detox after a heavy night.


No doubt we loved every bite. We appreciated the textures and flavors, and the combination of flavors themselves, earthy, sweet, spicy, tangy. The vegetarian dishes there are definitely tempting even to die-hard carnivores!





Dining at Thien Duyen Restaurant shows you that Veginity is not a preachy experience where you forget the flavor and feel the virtue far from a luxurious setting. The luxury is here all in the plate with food cooked by a Chef taking care to not only make it vegan but also to make it great, for prices that are a steal. And that’s our kind of place.



505 Xa lo Ha Noi, An Phu, Quan 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The restaurant is located at the left side of Minh Dang Quanh Temple.

Open: Mon-Sun 6:30am-9:00pm






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