Eco Hotel in Cambodia – Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

February 3.2023


Around the world, there is growing concern about environmental awareness, particularly with regard to hot topics such as global warming and plastic waste. Hotels are increasingly helping to save the environment. Plastic water bottles and straws are only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a hotel in Cambodia that goes above and beyond in terms of environmental stewardship without sacrificing luxury and comfort.





The Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is above all an ethical, sustainable, and creative social enterprise focused on Eco-friendly travel, and is ideally located to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia (only 7 kilometers between the hotel and the World Heritage site). Yes, the Baby Elephant has gone above and beyond to become a truly eco-friendly hotel. There, garbage is composted, and the remaining food is fed to animals. Cardboard and glass are reused or given to people, such as glass bottles for roadside gas sellers, and cooking oil is converted into bio-diesel by the NGO Naga Earth.



The pool is filled with salt water to reduce the use of chemicals


The organic garden and farm animals on-site provide ingredients for the bar, kitchen, spa, and staff meals, and a ‘à la carte’ breakfast is prepared fresh instead of a buffet to reduce waste. To reduce glass and aluminum waste, the menu includes vegan options and, of course, plastic straws are prohibited. Beer is served draft rather than in a can.





All of the hotel’s industrial waste is recycled; all of the lights have been converted to low-energy LED bulbs; and bikes are available from non-profit organizations such as Charity White Bicycle. Even mosquitoes are kept at bay in the garden by non-toxic lemongrass traps.




To reduce fuel consumption and make local trade work, their suppliers are local. Finally, their employees are regularly trained, have a proper work schedule, have holidays, and are paid a good wage with a savings plan.


With this impressive list of green strategies, there is no doubt that the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is an excellent choice for eco-conscious travelers, wellness travelers, and their families.


Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

Vihearchin Svay Dangkum 418 Street 53, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia







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