May 22, 2020


Are you feeling overwhelmed by frustration, anxiety, or depression? Your lifestyle isn’t what you thought it would be? Discord in your relationship?  Difficulties to confront COVID 19?







During these troubled times, coping with all these situations in Vietnam can be exhausting as changes are constant. It can be both exhilarating and stressful at the same time and it’s common to feel tired when you see and experience things that take an emotional toll on you. However, following a course with a licensed, professional therapist online, and exchange with someone neutral and impartial could improve your life and could be a good move.


Robert Oleskevich a licensed psychotherapist from Hero’s Journey Therapy specialized in Psychotherapy for Expats and Third Culture Kids in Saigon, created ‘The Lunch Break Therapy’, a therapy course from a licensed psychotherapist for people who don’t really want to go to therapy, but would like a light and playful, yet deep dive, into what therapy might be like while not paying a high price.







After a couple of decades as psychotherapist, it has become obvious for Robert that there was a need for mental health options that did not cost an arm and a leg. With this in mind, he created this high quality but low-cost course to help people move from struggling and suffering to health and wellbeing.


‘Lunch Break Therapy‘ is a therapy course from a licensed psychotherapist’ created for your convenience that you can do anytime, anywhere. Just pop on your headphones and enjoy it!

During this month of May, the mental health awareness month, it would be silly to not enjoy the privacy of your own home while getting the help you deserve!


Info: Lunch Break Therapy – Hero’s Journey Therapy






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