Vinh Xuan, martial art features various unique characteristics that no other martial art has. These last years, along with the ongoing development of martial arts, many people have heard about the Wing Chun in Vietnam, a masterpiece in the martial arts world.

The legend says that in the XVII century the Shaolin Temple was the lair of rebels and opponent of the Manchurian empire in China. After being destroyed only a few monks survived and grew a new school with new methods to build an army of fighters who could oppose the Shaolin technique of the enemy.
At the beginning of 19th century, in Vietnam Wing Chung only appeared in folktale, and no one had ever witnessed it until the early 1900s when Wing Chun masters arrived in Vietnam from Foshan, China and brought with him the secret of it.
The Wing Chun master lived a secret life for many years until 1840 when The Martial Art Society finally heard about Nguyen Te Cong, the legendary Wing Chun master, considered as the ancestor of Wing Chun in Vietnam. Additionally, the famous grandmaster Yip Man, Bruce Lee’s teacher, is also the junior of Master Cong. According to recorded history, when Yip family experienced a hard time, Te Cong’s family always supported Yip Man, and hence they had a very close relationship.



[HD] Tổng hợp Vịnh Xuân Quyền Chân Tử Đan (Donnie Yen Wing Chun compilation)


Initially, Master Cong lived in Haiphong for a short time, before moving to Hang Buon, Hanoi. During this period, he trained some great masters such as Tran Van Phung, Vu Ba-Quy, Ngo Sy Quy and Tran Thuc Tien. Each of his students has their specialty, but all were world-class master, and one of them has even become Champion in martial art tournament taking places in Indochina in the 1930s.
In the beginning, Wing Chun was a “limited” martial art, since each master only revealed the ultimate secret of Wing Chun to his most favorable discipline. Many foreigners Wing Chun masters visited Vietnam and realized that there was here something that only Wing Chun – or Vinh Xuan – of Vietnam has. That’s why Vinh Xuan in Vietnam is so special today. Master Te Cong used to say: “Vinh Xuan has finally become part of the Vietnam’s martial arts.” Over hundreds of years, it has been passed down through generations and has a high number of disciplines all over the world.


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