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May 5.2022


With the growing unease in response to the current climate crisis and the imminent threats of its consequences, the penetrating message of environmental awareness and sustainability is crucial now more than ever. For eco-artist and philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk, this sentiment takes precedence as her passion for creating captivating works of art lie beyond a mere means of expression, but as an opportunity to make a difference. As depicted in her latest series, The Lost Planet (2021), she does just that as her environmentally centered mixed-media works tap into the unbridled beauty of our planet juxtaposed to the destructive forces of human activity and their impacts on our majestic lands and oceans.





Having exhibited the series in numerous countries prior, like the UK, US, UAE, and South Korea, select works from The Lost Planet series will now journey to the country of India to expand the powerful message of environmental awareness at this years India Art Fair 2022.


The artworks chosen are Ice Shelter (2020) and Heart of the Ocean (2021). In selecting these two works, Kapchuk found it necessary to highlight the dire outcomes of increased global temperatures and their aftereffects.



Ice Shelter 2020

Inspired by the remarkable Himalayan Mountains, also known as the world’s ‘Third Pole,’ Ice Shelter (2020) represents the fragility of glaciers in the Himalayas, which are melting at an unprecedented rate. Such an increase in melting speed causes several dangers like flooding, electrical shortages, and the destruction of crops, disrupting the lives of the nearly two billion people living in the surrounding areas.



Heart of the Ocean (2021)



Similarly, Heart of the Ocean (2021) also focuses on the growing concern of rising temperatures. In its creation, artist Natalia Kapchuk depicts the horrifying outcomes left for future generations, emphasizing the importance of preserving our precious “kingdoms of polar ice.” Kapchuk asserts that implementing protective actions requires immediate attention to avert threats of coastal changes, floods, and further disasters. Both pieces utilize a unique technique of fiberglass construction and chrome elements in their creation, perfect for drawing observers to their necessary subject matter.






To learn more about artist Natalia Kapchuk, visit her website at

The India Art Fair 2022 will run from 28 April until 1 May 2022.

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Material and photos provided by the press office of Natalia Kapchuk at FprBuro Communications Agency.




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