The Top 5 Collections of Vietnam International Fashion Week 2020

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December 7.2020


Ho Chi Minh City is a city where many taxi drivers not only know Vietnam Fashion Week has just ended, but they also want to talk about its highlights. It’s that big of an event! On my way home in the darkest of the night, mine asked, “How was it? Who were your favorite designers?”


How can we start without saying first, that in a year marked by global tragedy, Vietnam’s extraordinary fight against Covid 19 should be celebrated. Last week the organizers, sponsors, and participants of Vietnam International Fashion Week all contributed to a multi-day celebration of beauty and life. Young and old alike overcame any divisiveness they may have had and brought a sense of cross-generational unity to the fore. Cooperation was the key to success and everyone came together when needed – especially about public safety. To see 1,000 people in a stadium all wearing masks to protect each other was just as beautiful as the stunning designs and models that grace the show. We can only extend our warmest thanks to the people who made Fashion Week a terrific week for the art of tailoring. With the only real Fashion Week happening in Asia this year we were on the catwalk just like in good old pre-Covid times.







Personal best gigs

My personal experience culminated during the beautiful rendition of the song Hallelujah accompanying Ao Dai designer Minh Châu’s craft. The elegance of his designs graced models spanning generations from children to seniors. Family – the most beautiful word. But also, at that moment, the glory of one of the most faithful songs ever written moved me to tears. I thought about how we were celebrating the evening while so many around the world were grieving. Perhaps that moment was our gift to all those that have suffered this year. The extraordinary beauty and a devout song extending love and compassion.




On the main photo stage directly after Suboi


My second personal experience was to have been on the main photo stage directly after Suboi. I am not easily star-struck but I have the utmost respect for her. Not only as an entertainer but because I know she is a mother and she came from humble beginnings. A lifetime of hard work brought her to where she is now. Nothing else. Once again family shines through. So at that moment I was thinking “OMG I’m walking right after Suboi!” more than anything else.



But what about the collections?

We noticed:

A new dimension of elegance is how we could define designer Nguyen Con Tri. Nobody could raise a collection above the din like him during these turbulent times. Nguyen Con Tri last night was just utterly, lusciously all-around gorgeous! The show spoke about couture, but not either in a retro way or with a vision of genderless equality, and that was refreshing.











In a season when there’s been so much talk about the appreciation of couture dressmaking and craft skills, Nguyen Tri just took its show to the ultimate. It was as accomplished, as complexly cut, and as simple as that.







Elisabetta Franchi is at his reassuring best as one of the few designers who can be solidly relied on to back women up with a fully resolved, thought-out wardrobe for living through, no matter what. With its simple but unique, chic, and elegant designs Elisabetta Franchi’s collection has given the audience an ultimate visual experience, leaving a strong impression on the first night Aquafina International Fashion Week Vietnam






Whether or not Ly Giam Tien had deliberately chosen to suit or not the theme “The future is now”, his collection stepped in and did that in its own way with unique design style, daring trends, and with outfits with illustrations subtle, that made sophisticated women rolling their eyes.





The proof: his knack for smoothing away the contradictions between simple, clean silhouettes, and craft and texture, between a sense of yesterday and now and an honoring of history. Ly Giam Tien is definitively the “design prodigy” in the Vietnamese fashion village.


Ivan Tran’s superb collection would make an exemplary study on creative fashion intelligence: how skillfully a talented designer captured the universal impulse to get away from cities on a gentle cloud.





Its collection was driven by movement, escapism, and a mixed match of ferries aesthetic modernized. There was so much sophisticated work, in its collection, with the long, slim, deftly layered silhouettes… Ivan Tran is about how you uplift yourself through dress, and after all, that’s all we expect from fashion. No?






Strong shoulders and sometimes austere architectural design, achingly romantic paneled dresses, and post-apocalyptic adventurers-inspired costumes with sculpted parkas were part of the foundation of the Collective Collection by University of architecture HCMC, London College for Design & Fashion, Hong Bang International University. Designers.







NTK Võ Hoàng Long (Đại học Kiến Trúc), NTK Nguyễn Tùng Chinh (Đại học Hồng Bàng), NTK Hoàng Quang Duy (Học viện Thiết kế & Thời trang London) 2, were all at their inventive best, pushing silhouettes in new, avant-garde directions, with flawless dresses, dashing colors, and seductive material. A future world, and a new way to see fashion.







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