The symptoms of the Delta variant may differ from traditional COVID symptoms

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July 5.2021








For almost 2 years we have been living in a COVID world. At the start of the pandemic, government agencies and health authorities scrambled to educate people on how to recognize virus symptoms. However, as the virus has evolved, it appears that the most common symptoms have changed as well. Data from the United Kingdom suggest that the most common COVID symptoms may have changed from those previously associated with the virus, based on a self-reporting system via a mobile app. So, what are the most common symptoms of the Delta variant in this study?







The current top five Covid 19 Delta variant symptoms

(Up to June 23. 2021)


N° 1 Headache

N° 2 Sore throat

N°3 Runny nose

N° 4 Fever

N°5 Persistent cough


While fever, cough, headache and sore throat have always been common COVID symptoms, a runny nose was rarely reported in previous data. Meanwhile, loss of smell, which was quite common, has dropped to the ninth place. There is still a lot to learn about the Delta variant, but this emerging data is important because it shows us that what we might think of as just a mild winter cold — a runny nose and a sore throat — could be a case of COVID-19. There are several possible explanations but it is still unclear why symptoms may changed as the results of this study have not been fully analyzed or stratified yet.







Available in : Vietnamese

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