The Sweet Success of D’ART Chocolate

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November 24, 2020






The anticipation of a perfect chocolate to accompany the holiday season builds all the way to Christmas Day. Chocolates, that constant source of joy, and a new slate of tempting discoveries are finally arriving to our delight.


This year D’art is offering a wide array of chocolates to fit every taste; chocolate lovers can indulge in tablets, in boxes, and even in lollipops; they’ll also find it flavored with truffles, or filled with pineapple, cassis, sesame and strawberry, wasabi, with tea and rosebud ganache and lychee, chrysanthemum ganache and passion fruit coulis. These, in addition to so many other iconic flavors associated with this magical season, arrive so you can wait with glee and a new excitement for chocolate discovery until December 25.




D’ART CHOCOLATE invites you to discover its irresistible tablets




Until end of December enjoy 20% Discount on chocolate bars with the code BLISS20.



D’ART CHOCOLATE: Our Chocolate Philosophy – “Made with you in Mind”


D’art Chocolates are so elegantly and creatively designed that each piece is a gift of its own. Made with the most premium cacao from Vietnam and around the world, focusing on retaining only the best natural flavors and texture, with no additives or preservatives, D’Art Chocolates are Chocolates of such quality that they are paired with the finest gourmet foods and drinks. Today, D’art is proud to be one of the top Chocolate pioneers of Vietnam, with the most sought-after chocolates in the country. For consumers who are looking for Vegan and Halal-friendly products, their dark chocolates are dairy-free and gluten-free. D’ART uses only beans and that are sustainably sourced and traceable, and they’ve also embarked on larger programs to help local farmers as well as to educate consumers on how to choose ethically-sourced chocolates.




Delicious and gourmet, D’Art Chocolates presents new flavors this year to discover and savor bite after bite.




Infos and order online at D’Art Chocolate

Until end of December 20% Discount on chocolate bars with the code BLISS20.





Available in : Vietnamese

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