Li Hongbo can lay more than 20 000 flexible sheets of paper together, one by one by sticking them with glue and giving the finishing touches with sandpaper. Each creation is stretchable and metamorphosable. Li Hongbo was interesting by Plastic Art since he was a little boy. He was fascinated by paper material from the time he attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where he understood this material was a cheap one full of resources and then later when he started to publish books. The paper is also an old tradition in China where it comes from since the third century BC and is associated with festive events.

“I pay attention to everybody in my life, and every little thing that surrounds me. It’s because of that that my work is closely connected to daily life” said Li. These last years, Li exhibited in many cities like Bengaluru, Beijing, New-York. His previous collection, “Rainbow”, a sea of colorful rainbows, was present at the 2016 Art on Paper Fair in New-York.

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