When we talk about Louboutin shoes, we immediately think of his red soles. But where come from this colors that made this accessory recognizable among thousands?


The story behind the red sole of Louboutin shoes


The Louboutin brand appeared at the end of 1991. Founded by Christian Louboutin, the first boutique of the brand opened on November 21, 1991, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Shortly after, Anna Wintour, the American fashion’s high prestress, published two articles on Louboutin in Vogue USA. That gave Christian Louboutin the opportunity to open his first shop in the United States and made himself known worldwide. During the Fashion Week, his partnerships with big luxury houses like Yves Saint Laurent also made its reputation. This is how Christian Louboutin became the luxury shoe and friend of the most renowned stars of the 21st century. Its success is global. Of course, such a success would never have been possible if Louboutin had not the good idea to color his sole in red.




But what is the origin of this signature Louboutin?


It all started with a nail polish. Mr. Louboutin used the red varnish of his assistant to paint the sole of one of his models. When his first pair of shoes arrived, a black mass was at the level of the sole, which did not exist on his original drawing. One of the girls who worked with him was varnishing his nails, so he took the varnish and painted the sole of the shoe with it. He liked the rendering so much that he reproduced it. This red quickly became his trademark because for Louboutin red is not a color, it is much more, it is the essence of the femininity. ” It was in 1992, and that’s where the red soles started. ” Today the buckle is closed, since Christian Louboutin, also offers high-priced varnishes, and one of the colors is the same than the shoe sole.




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