The most striking Ao Dai designs from Phoenix_V

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During  the Runway Fashion Show held by Mrs Le Thi Quynh Trang, CEO of Vietnam International Fashion Week, some of the most in-demand local models took to the catwalk to mark the launch of Phoenix_V’s runway line for a unique showcase.







This particular Runway Fashion Show arrived just in time to brighten up an otherwise rather bleak month of January. To offer us a welcome escape from the harsh reality of the moment, Le Thi Quynh Trang chose this year to honor Phoenix_V, the famous Ao Dai brand, which took us on an extraordinary adventure with their runway fashion show and through the designs of their designer Vu Thu Phuong.







During the show, there was a veritable flood of fantastic ideas. Since it was not easy to choose from this abundance, we arranged to show you only our favorites. Without further adieu, we’ll now give you a quick run-through of the most striking Ao Dai from Phoenix_V according to Bliss Saigon.






We were dazzled by this romantic, artistic and timeless Ao Dai.






We particularly liked the vaporous and interporal feminine side.






The creative team played with the hairstyle, which paired beautifully with this gorgeous silk Ao Dai.






We loved this model because we certainly need some whimsy and livelines in these gloomy times!






We especially appreciated this perfect combination of makeup and clothing –  the makeup artists did a great job of getting that pearl glow from hair to skin.






A more whimsical and modern Ao Dai, while remaining chic and cool.






We really liked the nonchalant look where pastel blue dress was paired with a cleverly-tied turban and exotic florals on ultra-sleek hair.






A magical and dreamlike Ao dai reminding us that we all need to dream …









Available in : Vietnamese

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