The IDEC SPORT Asia Tour Hits Ho Chi Minh City

A record-breaking sailboat and crew have made their latest stop in Ho Chi Minh City as they tour Asia on a unique challenge. The IDEC SPORT’s Asia Tour, led by world-renowned French sailor Francis Joyon, features never-before traveled routes between Mauritius, Vietnam, and China. The exploration, in partnership with the IDEC group, honors history and age-old trade routes all-the-while attempting to break world records.  The team brings with them a spirit of adventure, cultural exploration, and a world-record-setting boat.




French skipper Francis Joyon and his crew set record in 12j 20h 37mn 55s between Mauritius and Ho-Chi-Minh city, with their Maxi trimaran IDEC Sport on December 4, 2019, in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam. (Photo by Quinn Ryan Mattingly/Alea)


The crew arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to mark the completion of part II of the journey—they set sail from Mauritius, opting for a trying and innovative route across the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. Along the way Joyon and the crew met a new set of obstacles, from high speed winds to hectic shipping routes and temperatures spanning arctic cold to desert heat.







In addition to exploring Asia, Joyon also sets his sights on breaking 4 new records: the solo Mauritius Route, and, with his crew, Mauritius to Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City to Hong Kong, and, finally, Hong Kong to London. The last leg, known as the Clipper Route, has its roots in nineteenth century trade routes for cargo shipping and covers nearly 13,000 miles.






So far, Joyon has already broken the Mauritius Route solo record. It was no small task, as the captain noted: “The night before the Cape of Good Hope was the worst with a thirty foot swell. I was tired, but had to keep going. That was when the record was achieved”. Having navigated the waters around Vietnam, from Vung Tau to Ho Chi Minh City, IDEC SPORT received a warm welcome to the city. As IDEC Sport makes its way toward uncharted territory and sailing history, what lies ahead is sure to be spectacular.  Working alongside the IDEC Group, the journey reflects a goal of exploring new horizons and overcoming new challenges.







To learn more about the IDEC SPORT Asian Tour and to follow along at home, visit the official website HERE. The IDEC group  works in France and abroad on planning, developing, financing, designing and building.

Photos by Quinn Ryan Mattingly/Alea.






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